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Evgeny Romanov KO's Dillon Carman

Evgeny Romanov makes heavyweight statement in delivering a first round knockout of Dillon Carman

Top Heavyweights

Ekaterinburg, Russia (Top Heavyweights) — Evgeny Romanov 12-0 (9 KOs) knocked out Dillon Carman 14-4 (13 KOs) in the first round in what can only be described as devastating. While Carman came out with bad intentions and a clear intent to establish control, the Russian countered with precision shots from both hands that clearly stunned the Canadian. Carman pressed forward, but eventually was forced back by the return fire. As the round neared it's end Romanov pressed the issue and dropped Carman with a stunning flurry. Carman was not going to beat the count. The heavyweight boxing world should be on notice Evgeny Romanov has arrived.

World Heavyweight Contender - Evgeny Romanov 12-0 (9 KOs)

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