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Collision Course: Alen Babic vs. Steve Robinson

Alan Babic, best known for his aggressive style, is gearing up for his much-anticipated return to the ring after a devastating defeat.


London, UK (February 16, 2024) - Alan Babic, best known for his aggressive style, is gearing up for his much-anticipated return to the ring after a devastating defeat nearly a year ago. Scheduled to fight March 31st at the 02 in London on the Wardley-Clarke undercard, Babic faces off against Steve Robinson, a familiar name to UK boxing fans.

Alen Babic hopes to restart his heavyweight journey against Steve Robinson.

Babic's Previous Setback and Road to Redemption

Alen Babic's last bout ended in disappointment when he suffered a first-round knockout at the hands of Lukasz Rozanski. Many assumed that Babic's aggressive style would eventually lead to a disaster, but Rosanski's win still came as a surprise to many. Now, Babic seeks redemption as he steps back into the ring against Steve Robinson.

Steve Robinson: The Unconventional Heavyweight

Steve Robinson, hailing from Newcastle, brings his own unique flair to the heavyweight division. With a record of 6 wins and 2 losses, Robinson is known for his eccentric ring entrance, dressing as Ivan Drago from "Rocky" and featuring "The Lion King" theme as his walkout music. Despite his unorthodox style, Robinson's willingness to engage in exciting exchanges makes him a formidable opponent.

The matchup between Babic and Robinson promises to be a fun spectacle. Babic, standing at 6'1", possesses punching power with 10 knockouts in his 11 victories. In contrast, Robinson towers over his opponents at 6'7" but lacks the technical finesse of his counterparts. With both fighters known for their aggressive tendencies, fans can expect fireworks when they step into the ring.

Staying at Heavyweight

Despite suggestions to move down to cruiserweight or pursue a rematch with Rozanski, Babic has opted to remain in the heavyweight division for the time being. His decision to face Robinson underscores his will to bounce back from adversity and claim his status as an actual contender.

Babic's Future: A Shift in Alliances?

Alen Babic's alignment with Sky Sports for his upcoming fight raises questions about his relationship with former promoter Eddie Hearn and manager Dylan White. Speculation looms regarding potential tensions between White and Hearn, especially in light of Babic's departure from Hearn's stable and new association with Sky.

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