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Canada's Bryan Colwell Aims for Olympic Glory

Bryan Colwell, the four-time Canadian amateur heavyweight champion, continues to defy the odds in the world of boxing.


Victoria, Canada (September 15, 2023) - Bryan Colwell, the four-time Canadian amateur heavyweight champion, continues to defy the odds in the world of boxing. At the age of 33, Colwell's remarkable journey has taken him to the pinnacle of Canadian boxing once again. He was recently named to the 2023 Pan Am Games team, showcasing not just his punching power but his extraordinary staying power in the sport.

The 2023 Pan Am Games, set to grace the Southern Hemisphere from October 20 to November 5, will unfold in the vibrant Chilean capital of Santiago. For Bryan Colwell and many others, these games represent a critical stepping stone towards their ultimate dream – a ticket to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The gold and silver medalists in boxing at the Pan Am Games will secure their passage to the grand stage of Paris next summer.

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With unwavering determination, Bryan Colwell has his sights set firmly on the city of Paris. "Punching my ticket to Paris is the intention I am going in with," he declared. Acknowledging the fierce competition that awaits, including formidable opponents from the U.S., Cuba, and South America, Colwell added, "I am going after them, using all the skills I have learned about the sweet science."

Boxing, as Colwell emphasizes, is not merely a brawl but a science. It's a sport of intricate positioning and understanding, particularly in the context of three-round bouts that define Games boxing. "It can be like chess," Colwell explained, highlighting the strategy and finesse required to triumph in the ring. He diligently hones these skills in Victoria, Canada, his training ground.

Colwell's experience at the 2019 Lima Pan Am Games has been invaluable. Despite an unfortunate draw, he nearly toppled world No. 1 and eventual gold-medalist Erislandy Savon of Cuba in a fiercely contested opening bout that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Reflecting on that moment, Colwell shared, "I am proud of my performance at those last Pan Am Games and will be using everything I've learned and the skills I have developed over the last four years."

Colwell's journey into the world of boxing is a testament to his resilience and adaptability. Originally hailing from Fort St. John, he arrived on Vancouver Island following Grade 12 with dreams of making the University of Victoria Vikes soccer team. However, fate had a different plan for him. He discovered Victoria's boxing rings, and they might just lead him to the iconic Olympic rings.

While starting relatively late due to his soccer background, Colwell's rapid progress and longevity in the sport are commendable. The Camosun College business and accounting major found his true calling in an individual sport, far removed from the team dynamics of soccer. He attributes his sustained success to a structured amateur career that minimized physical wear and tear.

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Boxing enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the heavyweight action set to unfold from October 19 to 27 during the Pan Am Games at the Centre de Entrenamiento Olímpico. Bryan Colwell, with a commendable record of 46 wins and 14 losses, could potentially be one of the oldest boxers in Paris next summer if he secures his spot.

Despite his late entry into the sport, Colwell's journey has been characterized by determination, skill, and a penchant for learning. As he embarks on the road to Paris, he stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a seasoned boxer who's ready to take on the world.

Bryan Colwell's remarkable heavyweight boxing journey, from late beginnings to a shot at Olympic glory, inspires many aspiring athletes. As the Pan Am Games approach, the boxing world eagerly awaits the seasoned fighter's performance, and fans around the globe will be cheering for this determined heavyweight contender from Victoria, Canada.

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Source: Times Colonist

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