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Dark Horse Zhan Kossobutskiy looks to Break Out

Despite his smaller stature, he boasts an impressive knockout record of 18 of 19 opponents, demonstrating his dynamism and power.


Get ready for an electrifying night of heavyweight boxing action as Efe Ajagba faces off against Zhan Kossobutskiy in a 10-round clash on Saturday, August 26. The excitement is building, and WagerTalk boxing handicapper Kevin Dolan has his predictions and picks locked in for this colossal showdown, set to take place at 10:30 PM ET. Let's dive into the details and predictions for this monumental bout.

Efe Ajagba vs Zhan Kossobutskiy Betting Odds:

Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023

Moneyline: Efe Ajagba -105 vs Zhan Kossobutskiy -105

Fight Time: 10:30 PM ET / 7:30 PM PT

Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, OK, USA


Betting Analysis:

In a heavyweight collision that promises explosive power, Efe Ajagba and Zhan Kossobutskiy are set to dazzle in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ajagba, with only one loss against top Cuban heavyweight Frank Sanchez, is on a quest to regain his footing on the global stage. Meanwhile, Kossobutskiy, having withdrawn from a fight with heavyweight prospect Jared 'Big Baby' Anderson due to visa issues, is eager to prove his mettle.

Ajagba's Punching Precision:

Efe Ajagba, known as 'The Silent Roller,' wields an impressive record with 12 of his 13 wins ending in early stoppages, including the legendary Curtis Harper fight where Harper left the ring after just one second—the fastest victory in boxing history. With his destructive power and evolving jab, Ajagba is a force to be reckoned with. His measured approach in recent bouts, like his win against Stephan Shaw, showcases his growing versatility.

Kossobutskiy's Skillful Strategy:

Zhan Kossobutskiy's patient and probing style makes him a technical marvel. Despite his smaller stature, he boasts an impressive knockout record of 18 of 19 opponents, demonstrating his dynamism and power. With Kossobutskiy's methodical approach and precision punches, he's a tricky opponent to crack.

Expert Prediction:

In this clash of power and technique, both fighters have distinct advantages. Ajagba's power and reach, coupled with his improving boxing IQ, make him a threat. On the other hand, Kossobutskiy's technical prowess and punch selection give him an edge. While Ajagba is lethal with his jab and overhand right, Kossobutskiy's better positioning and strategy might secure him the win.

Expect a thrilling encounter that could end early due to the fighters' knockout potential or go the distance showcasing their ability to go deep into the fight. Despite Ajagba's strengths, Kossobutskiy's superior skillset tips the scales, making him the underdog pick to triumph in this exciting clash.

Promoter Bob Arum expects an intensified Ajagba in this bout, highlighting the Nigerian's passive approach in his last fights. Arum acknowledges Ajagba's incredible power but hopes to see a more aggressive and risk-taking demeanor.

As excitement mounts for the battle in Tulsa, it remains to be seen whether Ajagba's power or Kossobutskiy's strategy will ultimately prove victorious. This fight is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats and is a testament to the unpredictability that makes heavyweight boxing a riveting spectacle.

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