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Evgeny Romanov Let's Potential Slip Away and Gets Knocked Out

Evgeny Romanov, the man who stopped Deontay Wilder in the amateurs continued to toil in obscurity then gets knocked out Saturday.


Ekaterinburg, Russia (February 8, 2024) - Undefeated heavyweight Evgeny Romanov (19-0) will face off against China's Zhaoxin Zhang (11-2-1) on February 10th card at the KRK “Uralets” in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Romanov was a very promising amateur who notably knocked out former belt holder Deontay Wilder (43-3-1) during that stage in his development. The results of the fight are at the bottom of the article.

Transition to the professional ranks

Russia's Evgeny Romanov continues his career without facing any Top Heavyweights.

However, his transition to the professional ranks has been slow. While Romanov is listed in the Top 50 Heavyweights on BoxRec, his professional record lacks bouts against any formidable Top Heavyweights. At 38 years old, the former amateur prospect may not have much time left to significantly change this trajectory. Apparently his bout against Zhang will be for some sort of vacant 'junior' heavyweight belt, but the real issue is whether Romanov will break into the Top Heavyweight mix or simply toil and fade into oblivion.

Potential for a statement

In a sport where each fight can be a career-defining moment, Romanov has the opportunity to deliver a statement against Zhang and potentially become viable for a domestic showdown with more relevance. The stakes are high, and Romanov's experience, coupled with his past accomplishments as an amateur, make him a formidable opponent for any heavyweight, unfortunately his current career path has him steering clear of the division's best.

Fans and pundits alike will be closely watching Romanov's performance, curious to see if he can live up to his team's modest expectations. With his knockout power and determination, Romanov aims to seize the opportunity and make a bold statement

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