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Evgeny Romanov: His Recent Win and Future Plans

Evgeny Romanov, the undefeated Russian heavyweight now with a record of 19-0 (12 KOs), has shed light on his future plans.

Evgeny Romanov - RCC Boxing

Evgeny Romanov, the undefeated Russian heavyweight with a record of 19-0 (12 KOs), has shed light on his future career plans. Romanov recently added another win to his impressive record by defeating aging 2004 Olympian Wilmer Vasquez 12-2-2 (8 KOs) in a ten-round bout.

Romanov was forced to work against Vasquez, who represented Venezuela in the Athens Olympics and resumed his career in 2019 after an eight-and-a-half-year hiatus. Despite being 42 years old, Vasquez had never been stopped and held a significant weight advantage over the smaller Romanov, who is 38.

The opening rounds of the fight were mostly even, with Vasquez landing a decent overhand right in the first round. Romanov, momentarily stunned, recovered and returned with a combination in the second round. Vasquez had a better third round but eventually lost momentum to the Russian. Although Vasquez still seemed to pose a threat, his stamina just couldn't hold up. Romanov, on the other hand, relied on steady pressure and the occasional combination, outworking Vasquez and maintaining constant pressure. In the end, Vasquez was barely moving with his guard down, leaving Romanov with the unanimous decision win.

Romanov expressed satisfaction with his current physical condition and training routine, emphasizing his desire to continue his heavyweight boxing career as long as his health allows.

Evgney Romanov - RCC Boxing

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