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Fabio Wardley Looks to Impress Against David Adeleye

"I think I’m definitely way more proven. That much is a given. I’ve been through those situations. I’ve been through those moments."


London, UK (October 19, 2023) - In an exclusive interview with TNT Sports, Fabio Wardley has set his sights on making a statement in front of some of the world's biggest sports stars, including football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, by taking on David Adeleye in Saudi Arabia on October 28.

The highly anticipated night of boxing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is expected to attract a star-studded audience, with Ronaldo, who now plays for Saudi club Al Nassr, alongside a plethora of legends from the world of boxing, including Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.

Fabio Wardley is in hard training to capture world attention on October 28th in Saudi Arabia

Wardley, who recognizes that seeing these illustrious figures ringside may be surreal, is determined to showcase his skills in front of them.

“It’s a star-studded cast, isn’t it,” he told TNT Sports. “It will be an interesting one to look over the ropes and see all those faces lined up on the sides. Like I say, it’s not just for the millions watching at home. It’s for those people as well. Like Tyson, like Lewis. Those people that I’ve looked up to during different points throughout my career and show them that I’m doing a little something as well.”

At just 28 years old, Wardley boasts a perfect professional record, having emerged victorious in all 16 of his fights, including a significant victory over Nathan Gorman in 2021, which earned him the British heavyweight title.

When asked if having such luminaries in attendance would bring additional pressure, Wardley responded, “Not necessarily. Not for me anyway. It’s added excitement, I wouldn’t say it’s pressure. I love those moments. I thrive in those moments. When the heat is on and when it’s a bit spicy and when there’s a lot on the line, that’s when you get the best out of me. So I live for it, and when I look over the ropes and see those faces [Rinaldo, Tyson, Lewis], I’ll be like cool, I’ve got something to show you.”

Wardley will face an accomplished opponent in David Adeleye, who also boasts an impressive record of 12-0-0 and will have the chance to claim Adeley's WBO European heavyweight belt.

Reflecting on the matchup, Wardley commented, "I think I’m definitely way more proven. That much is a given. I’ve been through those situations. I’ve been through those moments. I’ve been, seen, and done it. And however sticky the situation has got, I’ve always come out on the other side on top, on big events on big stages, in big fights as well against opponents who were better qualified than my current opponent for this fight, I would say. So, yeah, I’m well ahead of him in terms of preparation."

He added, emphasizing his recent fight history, "I chief supported for Dillian Whyte. I chief supported for AJ [Anthony Joshua]." It’s not a bad run, and we’re doing pretty well. But I want to kick on and prove that even though the big stage is there, I am still putting on great performances. Hopefully, sometime not in the too distant future, it’ll be my name in big shiny lights."

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