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Fabio Wardley Dominates and Stops David Adeleye

With a magnificent left hook, Wardley delivered a devastating blow that sent Adeleye crumpling into the ropes.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (October 28, 2023) - Fabio Wardley exacted sweet revenge against his British rival David Adeleye.

Fabio Wardley looked in full control as he stalked David Adeleye before stopping him in the 7th round.

Their explosive rivalry began in London when a heated press conference escalated into an all-out brawl. The incident left Wardley with cuts on his face, but the two fighters set aside their differences to ensure their highly-anticipated bout would proceed.

Wardley, known as the Suffolk puncher, confronted the Ladbroke Grove fighter Adeleye in Riyadh for the Lonsdale belt. The British Boxing Board of Control extended its usual jurisdiction for this thrilling clash.

The early rounds displayed the cautious approach of both fighters, understandably wary of the other's power. Wardley's straight right to Adeleye's body proved to be his most potent weapon, while Adeleye countered with a lead left hook that was skillfully defended by Wardley.

In the second round, Adeleye's jab snapped Wardley's head back. However, Wardley responded with precision, landing a counter right hand that allowed him to secure the round.

The third round saw both fighters exchange left hooks, but Adeleye's use of the forearm for defense earned him a stern warning from the referee. Wardley playfully mocked Adeleye for his failed wild right hand attempt, showcasing his growing confidence.

Wardley's experience became evident in the fourth round as he dominated Adeleye, forcing the challenger to use a headlock to survive the relentless assault.

By the fifth round, Wardley's crisp jab was proving to be the difference-maker. Despite Adeleye's tenacious lunges, the judges recognized Wardley's superior ring control and precision.

In a thrilling exchange just before the bell rang, Adeleye displayed his resilience by absorbing some powerful shots and proving his chin, a testament to his undefeated 12-0 record.

However, it was the sixth round where Adeleye had Wardley in trouble with a chopping left hook. Still, his reliance on illegal tactics led to another warning from the referee. This provided Wardley with a vital recovery opportunity, which he seized to dominate the remainder of the round.

The climactic moment arrived in the seventh round, as Wardley sought sweet revenge. With a magnificent left hook, he delivered a devastating blow that sent Adeleye crumpling into the ropes, his mind a whirlwind. Adeleye miraculously beat the count and even grinned while climbing back to his feet, but it was clear he was in no condition to continue.

Referee John Latham wisely intervened to save Adeleye from further punishment. With this unforgettable victory, Fabio Wardley emerged as the victor and left an indelible mark.

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