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Frazer Clarke Stops Dave Allen in 6

Frazer Clarke and Dave Allen's clash ended unexpectedly before the seventh round as Allen retired in his corner.


In a bout that saw more low blows than highlights, Frazer Clarke and Dave Allen's clash ended unexpectedly after 6 rounds as Allen retired in his corner.

AO Arena, Manchester, UK - In a heavyweight showdown, Frazer Clarke and Dave Allen faced off at the AO Arena in Manchester, UK. However, the fight delivered more controversy than action, with a series of low blows ultimately and a jaw injury leading to an early end.

Round 1: Feeling Out Process

The fight began with Frazer Clarke advancing cautiously and throwing probing jabs. Allen remained defensive, with both fighters feeling each other out. Clarke managed to land some good jabs and a decent body shot, but the round ended with both fighters still in the early stages of their engagement.

Round 2: Allen's Determination

Clarke appeared slightly more aggressive in the second round, landing a good body punch. Allen, however, fought back with a good jab, keeping Clarke on his toes. The two traded jabs and combinations, with Clarke's inside uppercut being a notable highlight.

Round 3: Low Blow Caution

Both fighters continued to exchange jabs and probing shots. Allen began to show more aggression, working his way inside while Clarke was cautioned for a low blow. The round ended with both fighters grappling and being separated by the referee.

Round 4: Holding and Warnings

Clarke managed to land a nice inside uppercut, but he remained cautious in his approach. Allen continued to press forward, with Clarke missing several shots. Allen displayed good head movement and managed to land an overhand right. Holding became more frequent in this round, and both fighters received warnings for low blows.

Round 5: Frustration Mounts

Neither fighter managed to make a significant impression in this round. Clinching and wrestling dominated the early exchanges. Clarke continued to land occasional body shots and inside uppercuts. The referee had to intervene multiple times to separate the fighters. Clarke was cautioned for hitting Allen low, and he suffered a small cut over his left eye.

Round 6: Points Deducted

Clarke's performance remained less than spectacular, while Allen displayed determination. However, Clarke hit Allen low again, resulting in a point deduction. Clarke repeated the offense, losing another point. Allen, frustrated by these low blows, looked for retaliation. Clarke received another warning for a low blow. Despite the point deductions, Clarke managed to land some glancing right hands and a solid uppercut. Holding was a persistent issue, and the referee had to step in repeatedly. Allen attempted wild combinations but couldn't find his target.

The seventh round did not commence as Dave Allen retired in his corner. It appears that he may have sustained an issue with his jaw or possibly it was related to the low blows.

In the end, this contest was marred by repeated low blows from Frazer Clarke, which led to multiple point deductions. While Allen showed determination, the fight was far from a classic encounter.

The retirement of Dave Allen before the seventh round decided the outcome of the fight, with Frazer Clarke securing the victory.

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