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Importance of Protection With Hand Wraps

You’re most likely to suffer from knuckle injury and fractures in boxing. It is almost impossible to escape a competitive ring fight or training without injury.


New York, NY, USA (May 24, 2024) - As a boxer, it is customary to understand the importance of hand wraps, as this lightweight cloth is a staple for every training session. With the right choices in hand wraps, you can maximize your protection and keep away from severe wrist injuries. Hand wraps ensure a layer of protection and aid in power hitting. You can feel more control in your punches as hand wraps allow easy gripping and comfort during demanding contests. Here’s why using hand wraps is a must for everyone.

Wrapping your hand 3-4 times with a cloth can significantly minimize the impact of blows.

Hand wraps: Prioritizing protection for prolonged success

You’re most likely to suffer from knuckle injury and fractures in boxing. It is almost impossible to escape a competitive ring fight or training without injury. It is estimated that the injury rate in the boxing ring is almost 30.2%. However, you can minimize the negative impact of boxing by ensuring protective gear such as hand wraps. Explore choices in hand wraps to enjoy safe and effective boxing.

Types of hand wraps

Hand wraps allow you to cover the palm, wrist, and thumb. Wrapping your hand 3-4 times with a cloth can significantly minimize the impact of blows. This thin layer of protection allows you to combat a more challenging environment with fewer injuries. Choose from the following types of hand wraps to make the right choice.

Traditional Hand Wraps

Traditional hand wraps are long, mostly around 180 inches. You can wrap your hand efficiently by covering your wrist and knuckles for a solid punch. Hand wraps add extra padding and protection along with boxing gloves. These cotton wraps give you a comfortable and breathable boxing experience. You can use traditional hand wraps for training and competition.

Tape and gauze wrap

Tape and gauze wraps are one of the premium choices for professional boxers. This hand wrap allows you to cover your knuckles and wrists easily. However, a proper wrapping guide is essential to protect your hands. Seek help from a professional coach to wrap your hand with tape or gauze. Make sure to wrap your hands properly with tape, as approximately 27 tiny bones in your hand are at risk while you box. Therefore,  wrapping hands efficiently becomes even more critical. Moreover, using tape and gauze wrap is safer than traditional or quick wraps and is lighter and more breathable.

Quick wraps

Quick wrap is a fast and great alternative to traditional tape and gauze wraps. Made with semi-elastic compression material, these wraps ensure better fit and comfort. They are easy-to-use and ideal for beginners. Wear them underneath gloves when training on the heavy bag. Moreover, you can use quick wraps for light bag work as they offer good wear and tear protection.

The benefit of hand wrapping in boxing

Have you ever considered why professionals or trainers stress wearing hand wraps? Surely it's because they offer protection, but many don't fully understand all of the benefits. Hand wrapping protects muscle tendons and cushions your hand from potential damage. The following benefits will aid you for long-term success in the ring.

Fatigue free training

Hardcore sessions make you feel tired during training or competition. With custom hand wraps, you can minimize fatigue as they are made of light and breathable material.

Maximize performance

Hand wraps allow you to prepare for power pack performance in the ring. Whether you’re into punching, blocking, or parrying; hand wraps boost your confidence and allow you to try different angles while boxing. Stay ahead in the game by wrapping your fingers and thumbs correctly.

Shock absorbent

In the boxing ring, you’re very likely to get hit full-force by your opponent. Hand wraps act as a barrier to absorb the shock from your opponent's blows. With hand wraps, you can ensure competitive boxing with fewer injuries.

Stabilize wrist

Hand wraps offer you better stability with improved grip and protection. You can fearlessly generate more power to throw a harder shot. Stabilize your wrist with hand wraps that are a snug fit.

Better grip gloves

Hand wraps give you a perfect grip that is a must for in-ring competition. Wrapping your hands before wearing gloves not only offers more protection but makes it easier for you to control the action and throw harder punches. For fearless and confident training, it is customary to wear hand wraps underneath your gloves.

Step-by-step process to wrap your hand

Hand-wrapping can be a crucial step in boxing. You have to follow your coaches instructions or learn to do it on yourself, especially for traditional or tape gauze hand wraps. Here’s a step-by-step process to wrap your hand.

Start by looping the thumb and wrapping your fingers. Pass your thumb through the hole and wrap it across the back of your wrist 3-4 times.

Make sure your wrap is flat, and pull the wrap across your palm three times. For extra stability, wrap your hand one more time from the base and finish it by wrapping it around your wrist.

Wrap your ring finger fist and circle inwards, secure your wrap with a Velcro strap, and punch a few times in the air to see if it's too tight or loose. With this step-by-step process, you can secure a perfect fit. Make sure you choose good quality hand wraps for safer competition.


Hand wraps provide ideal protection that provides safe and hassle-free training. As a boxer, you must prioritize your protection with a hand wrap that fits your preference. Choose from traditional tape, gauze, or quick wraps and maximize your punching power. Enjoy the multiple benefits of hand wraps, such as fatigue-free training and a better grip to deliver more power. Follow this step-by-step process to wrap your hands appropriately and get the most from your boxing experience.

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