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IBF Mandatory Filip Hrgovic Demands Title Shot

"I stand next in the queue for Oleksandr Usyk. If he emerges victorious this Saturday, then I should be his next challenger"


Filip Hrgovic has communicated his intention to Sky Sports, asserting that in the absence of an undisputed heavyweight unification clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, he will focus on enforcing his mandatory IBF title position. With the IBF belt currently in the possession of Usyk, who is scheduled to face Daniel Dubois this upcoming weekend, Hrgovic is determined to seize his awaited opportunity and vie for the championship.

"I stand next in the queue for Oleksandr Usyk. If he emerges victorious this Saturday, then I should be his next challenger. I've dedicated considerable time to attain this IBF mandatory position and diligently upheld it," Hrgovic emphasized. "There's no room for negotiation in this matter."

Looking forward, Hrgovic envisions his shot at the title materializing either by the conclusion of this year or the outset of the forthcoming one. He discloses that he has already received written confirmation from the IBF, signaling his imminent eligibility for the championship bout.

Meanwhile, Hrgovic's attention turns to Usyk's impending showdown against Dubois. Hrgovic evaluates the matchup and suggests that Dubois' prospects primarily rest on his ability to land a decisive punch, given Usyk's notable expertise and experience advantage. Regardless, Hrgovic remains resolute in his commitment to seize the title opportunity, irrespective of the opponent.

In regard to fellow heavyweight titleholder Tyson Fury, Hrgovic expresses his dismay at the current scenario, wherein sanctioning bodies permit Fury to stall the division with what he considers to be a farcical spectacle against a non-boxer. In Hrgovic's view, Fury's engagement in exhibition fights signifies a departure from legitimate boxing, disadvantaging deserving fighters who are left in limbo. Hrgovic advocates for a swifter pace and fairer opportunities for those who have diligently pursued their place in the division.

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