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Mahmoud Charr Reinstated as Holder of WBA Regular Title

Mahmoud Charr has been reinstated as the WBA "Regular" heavyweight champion and has been ordered to defend his title against Jarrell Miller


The announcement that Mahmoud Charr, also known as "Diamond Boy," has been reinstated as the WBA "Regular" heavyweight champion and ordered to defend his title against Jarrell Miller has raised eyebrows and generated controversy within the boxing community. Here are some of the key points:

  1. Court Ruling: Mahmoud Charr has been actively pursuing the reinstatement of his WBA "Regular" heavyweight title since 2021 through legal channels. The recent announcement appears to be the result of a court ruling in his favor.
  2. Jarrell Miller's Controversy: Jarrell Miller, also known as "Big Baby," is a heavyweight boxer with a history of failed drug tests. His multiple doping violations in the past have led to suspensions and cancellations of high-profile fights, including a bout against Anthony Joshua.
  3. Lack of Notable Opponents: Both Charr and Miller have faced criticism for their choice of opponents in recent years. Charr's last three fights have been against unranked opponents, while Miller has also fought unranked opposition since his doping-related issues.
  4. WBA's Decision: The WBA's decision to reinstate Charr as their "Regular" champion and order a fight against Miller has been met with skepticism. Many boxing fans and experts question the legitimacy of the WBA's secondary title and whether it holds any significance in the heavyweight division.
  5. Anthony Joshua's Ranking: Interestingly, Anthony Joshua, who holds multiple major world titles, is ranked above Jarrell Miller by the WBA. However, it's unlikely that Joshua or other top heavyweight contenders would prioritize fighting for the WBA "Regular" title, given its diminished status.
  6. Public Reaction: The boxing community has expressed mixed reactions to this announcement, with many fans and pundits criticizing the WBA for its decision. Some argue that the WBA should consider scrapping the "Regular" title altogether.
  7. The "Best Interests of the Sport": The WBA has defended its decision by stating that it is "in the best interests of the sport." However, this statement has been met with skepticism and further fueled the debate about the organization's handling of its championship titles.

In summary, the reinstatement of Mahmoud Charr as the WBA "Regular" heavyweight champion and the order for him to face Jarrell Miller has generated controversy and raised questions about the value and legitimacy of certain championship titles in boxing. Many fans and observers are critical of this decision and the direction of the sport's sanctioning bodies.

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