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Richard Torrez Jr is Making Noise

"If I had won gold, I might not be boxing anymore. I would have pursued other interests. But the silver medal kept my hunger alive." Richard Torrez Jr.


Richard Torrez Jr., a towering presence at 6'2" and 225 pounds, is making waves in the professional heavyweight boxing division. Hailing from Tulare, CA, this southpaw pugilist has an unblemished record of six wins, all by way of knockout. However, there's more to Richard Torrez Jr. than his devastating punches. Outside the ring, he embodies intelligence, a deep connection with family and friends, and a penchant for balance in life's most precious moments.

Richard Torrez Jr. Brings Style to Heavyweight Boxing

Richard Torrez Jr., aptly known as "The Gentleman Boxer," has a remarkable story. Despite his impressive silver medal win in the super-heavyweight division at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, his heart ached because he narrowly missed the gold. While his family and friends celebrated, Torrez faced a personal battle of feeling like a loser. In the ensuing weeks and months, he was incredibly hard on himself. However, time brought clarity, and he realized that this adversity was a blessing in disguise.

Richard Torrez Jr. is alway on the attack - Richard Torrez Facebook

"It's definitely a blessing in disguise," says the now 24-year-old fighter. "If I had won gold, I might not be boxing anymore. I would have pursued other interests. But the silver medal kept my hunger alive."

Torrez's life extends well beyond the boxing ring. He draws inspiration from various facets of his life, seeing boxing as a mirror of his experiences outside the ring. He appreciates the correlation between his life inside and outside the ropes, understanding that lessons learned in one realm often apply to the other.

Outside the ring, Torrez is an enthusiast of chemistry and adrenaline. In high school, he explored rocketry with friends, a passion that continues today as he launches rockets safely in the countryside. He's also a musician and a budding pilot, making time for flying lessons between rigorous sparring sessions. Additionally, he's a chess aficionado, using the strategic thinking honed on the board to perfect his knockout moves in the ring.

Torrez carries a rich family legacy in boxing. His great-grandfather, Juan Torrez, was a southwest Golden Gloves champion. His father and coach, Richard Torrez Sr., was a quarterfinalist in Team USA trials for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Together, they operate the Tulare Boxing Club, where Torrez often trains alongside budding young talents from his community. His journey inspires many, and the gym has become a hub of inspiration.

A typical day for Torrez involves rigorous training, including a morning run, weightlifting, and boxing sessions. He also attributes his success to his mother, Kim, who meticulously prepares his meals, ensuring he gets the nutrition required to perform at his best. "I eat around 4,800 calories per day," he says, emphasizing his gratitude for his mother's support.

While Torrez's success in the boxing world is drawing global attention, he remains grounded and appreciative of his local recognition. Mission Oaks High School, where he made many sacrifices for his boxing career, now proudly bears the name "Richard Torrez Gymnasium." This honor resonates deeply with Torrez, reflecting his commitment to the sport.

"I work this hard because everyone else is supporting and believing in me," Torrez explains. "I want to make sure that everyone else's support and belief are not in vain. I'm working hard because of them too."

"The Gentleman Boxer" remains steadfast in his quest to grow as both a human being and one of the most formidable boxers to step into the ring. In the words of Gandhi, he lives each day as if it were his last and learns as if he were to live forever.

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