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The Comeback of Scotland's Nick Cambell

Scotland's Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Nick Campbell, is gearing up to make a triumphant return to the ring.


Scotland's Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Nick Campbell, is gearing up to make a triumphant return to the ring. After experiencing his first professional boxing loss last December, the former Jersey Reds rugby star is ready to "take care of business" and prove himself once more. Campbell's journey to redemption begins with a showdown against Czechia's Jiri Surmaj in the season opener at St Andrew's Sporting Club in Glasgow.

Nick Campbell's professional boxing career took an unexpected hit when he suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Steve 'Drago' Robinson last December. This loss marked a pivotal moment in Campbell's journey, prompting him to make significant changes. In the aftermath, the 33-year-old fighter reevaluated his team and decided to work with a new coach, Billy Nelson. His first bout post-defeat saw him go the distance for the first time in his seven-fight career, securing a points-win against Jake Darnell in April.

Campbell's upcoming opponent, Jiri Surmaj, brings a record of four wins and three losses to the ring. Campbell sees this as an opportunity to prove himself once again, stating, "He's a guy that is there to be beaten, but I know it will be a tough fight." Campbell's focus remains on his own performance, emphasizing that he is diligently working on implementing the strategies he's honed in the gym. With his newfound dedication, he believes he is fully prepared to deliver a solid performance.

Nick Campbell views his loss to Steve Robinson as a learning experience. He recognizes that defeat, though difficult, often provides valuable lessons that can lead to significant growth. Campbell reflects, "In a lot of ways, it has put me in good stead to progress, and I'm better than I was then." This perspective has fueled his determination to bounce back stronger.

While Campbell is focused on his upcoming fight with Surmaj, he's already thinking ahead. He has his sights set on more opportunities and challenges in the ring. Campbell expresses his desire for a rematch with Steve Robinson, the man who handed him his first loss. Additionally, Jay McFarlane, who has been vocal about wanting a rematch for the Scottish title, is also on Campbell's radar. These aspirations reflect Campbell's hunger to reestablish himself as a force in the heavyweight division.

Nick Campbell divides his training between Glasgow and Jersey and cherishes every opportunity to fight in his hometown. He acknowledges the tremendous support he receives from fans in both locations, with Jersey natives even travelling to Glasgow to cheer him on. Campbell takes pride in representing both his homeland and his adopted home in his fights, with the Scotland and Jersey flags prominently displayed on his shorts.

As Campbell steps back into the ring, he carries with him the lessons learned from defeat and the determination to reclaim his status as one of Scotland's most promising boxing talents.

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