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The Return of Germany's Tom Schwarz

His first opportunity to prove himself comes on September 23rd, when he faces off against Ukrainian Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko.


On September 23rd, Fides Sports Promotion is set to host its inaugural event in its hometown of Magdeburg Germany.

In the main event, Magdeburg's heavyweight, Tom Schwarz, is finally making his return to the ring. Schwarz is ready to make a comeback after a long hiatus and aims to climb back to the top of the heavyweight boxing world, yearning for the big stage once again. His first opportunity to prove himself comes on September 23rd, when he faces off against Ukrainian Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko.

Dovbyshchenko, a Ukrainian now based in London, has already had 24 bouts, winning ten of them. However, it might be unwise to judge him solely by his record. The 31-year-old Ukrainian has shared the ring with numerous top heavyweight boxers, including Zhan Kossobutskiy, Oleksandr Zakhozhyi, Vladyslav Sirenko, and even well-known German boxers Erik Pfeifer and Jose Larduet. none have dropped the Ukranian.

Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko is a product of an esteemed Ukrainian boxing school, a breeding ground for numerous world champions. Tom Schwarz has also been training hard for several months at the same facility. Under the guidance of Fides Sports, the 29-year-old has immersed himself in a completely new setting. His training sanctuary is the "Orthodox Stance" boxing gym, a partner of Fides Sports, where he is honing his skills under the tutelage of his new Ukrainian trainers, Sergei Fox and Jenia Dimitrov. With their support, Schwarz aims to successfully accomplish the first crucial step in his journey back to the world stage.


Coach Jenia Dimitrov affirms, "Tom possesses exceptional boxing competence, and it's a pleasure to witness his development. In my view, he already belongs on heavyweight boxing's world stage" Sergei Fox is also looking forward to the upcoming challenge: "Tom is in excellent physical and mental condition. He has gained more experience, become more explosive, and is highly motivated!"

"I'm delighted to have finally found myself with a new team that values me and doesn't discard me like trash. I'm also thrilled that my trainer and I can communicate superbly despite significant language differences, and we get along very well. I simply want to step into the ring in Magdeburg on September 23rd in front of the people who support me and show what I'm made of. I'm fit, and everyone will see it! That's a promise to my loyal fans who have always stood by me in every situation," declares Tom Schwarz.

Promoter Burim Sylejmani adds, "Tom is in excellent physical and mental condition. In contrast to him, his upcoming opponent has been consistently competing over the past few years. He's far from an easy opponent, always putting up a great fight and taking his chances. He's the ideal yardstick for Tom after this extended break from boxing. So, fans can look forward to a great show!"

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