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Thomas Carty Ready and Willing

The Dublin heavyweight made a significant leap in his boxing career when he defeated the then-Scottish heavyweight champion Jay McFarlane.


Dublin, Ireland (September 25, 2023) - Thomas Carty has a clear message for potential opponents: they'll be well compensated if they step into the ring with him.

The Dublin heavyweight boxer made a significant leap in his career when he defeated the then-Scottish heavyweight champion Jay McFarlane at the 3Arena on May 20, with strong support from the crowd. Carty's performance in the ring, as well as his activities leading up to the fight, solidified his partnership with Matchroom. His victory in the title fight has set the stage for a further ascent in the heavyweight division, with his next bout scheduled for November 25 at the same venue.

Thomas Carty turned a lot of heads with his stoppage of Jay McFarlane

However, despite the promise of a "big fight" from Eddie Hearn for Ireland's emerging heavyweight star, Carty faces a challenge in finding suitable opponents. While he is at the British title level, his status as an Irish fighter makes him a significant risk for those vying for the British title, the Lonsdale strap. Additionally, Carty has moved beyond the journeyman stage, further limiting his options.

Carty, trained by Paschal Collins and a supporter of Bohemians, is undeterred by the opponent dilemma. He emphasizes his focus on meaningful fights and is willing to face anyone who fits that criteria, regardless of their reputation.

"I couldn't care less [who I fight], as long as we keep the meaningful fights going," he boldly states. "We saw what happened the last time I had a meaningful fight; we stole the show. I'm looking at opponents who make sense. The British title is there, and if you're going for it, you're in a different category because you have your own business to take care of. We can meet after."

Carty is particularly interested in opponents who qualify for the Celtic and Irish titles but mentions that he currently has no specific names in mind. He encourages fighters to become more active and expresses uncertainty about the inactivity of certain individuals in the boxing scene.

The southpaw, known for his impressive knockout record, is ready to take on all challengers and assures potential opponents that they will receive fair compensation for stepping into the ring with him.

"I'm ready and waiting for anyone who wants this. They can get it," he declares. "I'll make sure they're well taken care of. It will be worth their while fighting me; it won't just be me knocking them out for nothing. They'll earn a few quid, and I'll get my Irish title."

Carty can promise financial rewards due to his affiliation with Matchroom and his growing popularity in the sport. He believes he is on the cusp of becoming a household name in the UK, even though he hasn't won any major titles yet, aside from the Celtic champion title.

"We are very, very close to being a household name. If you mention Irish boxers to anybody in the UK, they'll say Thomas Carty, and I haven't even won anything yet," he confidently states. "I'm the Celtic champion, but in terms of my career, I haven't won anything yet, but I plan on winning."

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