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Tyson Fury Receives Controversial Approval from WBC

Astonishingly, Fury will not risk being stripped of his world title despite preparing to 'fight' someone with no professional or amateur boxing experience


In a surprising move, the World Boxing Council (WBC) has controversially granted Tyson Fury "special permission" to engage in a 'fight' against an opponent who possesses no professional or amateur boxing experience. Astonishingly, Fury will not risk being stripped of his world title despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the event.

Reportedly, the bout will adhere to standard boxing rules and span across 10 rounds, but Fury's world title will not be up for grabs. It is evident that the primary reason behind this spectacle is the opponent's "celebrity" status. It's assumed the event will be an exhibition, perhaps along the lines of Fury's WWE appearances.

Regrettably, this event holds no significance for the heavyweight division, other than serving as an another unfortunate delay in Fury's boxing career, potentially extending it into early 2024. Speculation surrounding Fury's retirement has emerged, leaving us to ponder whether he is contemplating stepping away from the sport or has already made that decision. Only time will reveal the truth.

Meanwhile, the upper echelon of the heavyweight division (Top 30) is suffering from a lack of compelling fights, despite brimming with worthy contenders, fringe contenders, and promising prospects.

Unified Heavyweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk, through attrition rather than unification, now appears to be assuming the mantle of the number one heavyweight in the world. Usyk will be defending against Daniel Dubois in late August in Poland.

These are indeed disheartening days for the sport.

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