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Adam Kownacki: Challenging for the Polish Heavyweight Title

This marks a pivotal moment for Kownacki, who is eager to bounce back after a recent setback against Joe Cusumano, a match that might be reevaluated.


Koszalin, Poland (November 9, 2023) - In a much-anticipated homecoming, heavyweight boxer Adam Kownacki (20-4, 15 KO) is set to enter the ring for the first time in Poland on March 2, 2024. The long-speculated bout has now become a reality, with the "Babyface" headlining at the Rocky Boxing Night in Koszalin, Poland, facing compatriot Kacper Meyna (11-1, 7 KO) in what promises to be an electric showdown.

Kacper Meyna will attempt to spoil Adam Kownacki's first fight in his native Poland.

This marks a pivotal moment for Kownacki, who is eager to bounce back after a recent setback against Joe Cusumano, a match that might be reevaluated due to Cusumano's post-fight doping violation. The upcoming bout provides an opportunity for Kownacki to set things right, especially after expressing disappointment in his performance in his last outing.

Meyna, on the other hand, stands at a career crossroads, having suffered his first professional defeat in 2021 but rebounding impressively with six consecutive victories. The 24-year-old is the current holder of the Polish heavyweight title, a distinction he'll defend against Kownacki in what promises to be the highlight of the Rocky Boxing Night.

Kownacki's decision to return to his roots has injected fresh energy into the Polish boxing scene. The bout is scheduled to take place at the Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa in Koszalin, a city that is no stranger to historic boxing events. The last time the Brighton-based boxer fought on Polish soil was in 1991, making this event a significant occasion for both the fighter and Polish boxing enthusiasts.

The significance of this homecoming isn't lost on Kownacki, who expressed his excitement, saying, "I've been waiting for this day for years. It is going to be fantastic. I'm Brighton through and through, and to come out among a lot of faces I know, I can't wait to put on an explosive performance for them."

The Rocky Boxing Night in Koszalin is set to be a star-studded affair, with Kownacki's fellow Brighton-based boxer Harlem Eubank headlining another match on the card. The event is expected to draw not only local boxing enthusiasts but also a few celebrities, including Brighton footballers and Kownacki's cousin, who is married to Brighton player Solly March.

Negotiations for the fight were reportedly smooth, with Kownacki showing eagerness to fight for both personal and professional reasons. The bout is not only an opportunity for him to compete on home turf but also a chance to vie for Meyna's Polish heavyweight title. If successful, it would add another feather to Kownacki's cap, who, despite the recent setback, brings a wealth of experience from his 24 professional fights.

The stakes are high, with the Polish heavyweight title hanging in the balance. Kownacki's decision to take on Meyna, a younger and less experienced opponent, is a strategic move aimed at rebuilding his career before his Polish fans. The bout is not just a fight for a championship; it's a symbolic return for Kownacki, who left Poland to pursue his boxing dreams in the United States.

Promoter Krystian Każyszka, the head of Rocky Boxing Promotion, spoke highly of Kownacki's commitment, saying, "Negotiations with Adam were a pleasure. We offered him a specific sum, and he didn't want a dollar more. The only thing he wanted to change was the terms of the rematch - it will only happen if Adam knocks out Kacper. If the fight goes to points, and Adam wins, there will be a second match."

The significance of this bout extends beyond the ring, with the Mayor of Koszalin, Piotr Jedliński, taking honorary patronage of the event. Tickets for the historic match are already on sale, and anticipation is building for what could be the most expensive fight for the professional championship in Poland's history.

In the rich tapestry of Polish heavyweight history, where seasoned fighters have at times yielded to younger talents, the Kownacki-Meyna bout is poised to carve its own chapter. As March 2 approaches, the spotlight intensifies on Koszalin, which, for one night, becomes the epicenter of Polish boxing. With Kownacki and Meyna set to clash in a battle for the ages, the Rocky Boxing Night promises not just a sporting spectacle but a journey back to the roots for a determined "Babyface" Kownacki.

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