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Anthony Joshua Confident in Negotiations for Deontay Wilder

Despite his standing as a former champion, Joshua has categorically ruled out the possibility of taking an interim bout before facing Wilder.


In the ever-changing world of heavyweight boxing, Anthony Joshua is optimistic that negotiations for his upcoming clash with Deontay Wilder are moving in a "positive" direction. The former unified heavyweight champion, known for his explosive power and technical prowess, is eagerly anticipating the showdown with Wilder.

Despite his standing as a former champion, Joshua has categorically ruled out the possibility of taking an interim bout before facing Wilder. His focus is firmly set on the much-anticipated match, which he envisions taking place in December. However, Wilder's camp is reportedly eyeing a January timeline for the bout, introducing a minor discrepancy in scheduling.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News, Joshua expressed his confidence in the ongoing negotiations, stating, "Things are positive." He remains undeterred by his status as the underdog in some circles, asserting his belief in himself as a "big favorite" to secure victory.

"The timeframe doesn't really give an opportunity for that," Joshua explained when asked about the possibility of taking on another opponent before facing Wilder. "In reality, we're trying to schedule a fight for December, so unfortunately no. That's the timescale we're looking forward to really. In reality, I'm going to focus on the Wilder fight for now."

While Joshua's sights are firmly set on Wilder, there remains a potential "stumbling block" in his path. The prospect of aligning a blockbuster heavyweight clash with a potential Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk undisputed championship bout raises logistical challenges. Both Fury and Usyk are pivotal figures in the heavyweight division, and the aspiration of unifying the titles looms large.

"The goal is to have Usyk and Fury compete for the undisputed heavyweight championship, myself and Deontay Wilder, two big punchers, great fighters, been to the top of the mountain, slug it out and may the best man win," Joshua shared, outlining his vision for the future of the division.

He underscored his versatility and adaptability in the ring, pointing out that he's not solely reliant on his knockout power. "I'm a bit smarter than that. That's my approach to boxing. My approach to boxing is IQ and intelligence," Joshua emphasized. He acknowledged the potential for a challenging fight that could push him to his limits, while remaining confident in his capabilities.

As he continues his quest to regain heavyweight supremacy and become a three-time world champion, Joshua's attention remains firmly fixed on his immediate goal – a clash with Deontay Wilder that promises to deliver fireworks and define the future landscape of the division.

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