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Tyson Fury's Cut Could Open Against Oleksandr Usyk

The concern isn't merely medical; it's strategic. Oleksandr Usyk, known for his precision and strategic prowess, may target Fury's vulnerable eye.


London, UK (April 24, 2024) -For Tyson Fury there's plenty to worry over his upcoming bout against Oleksandr Usyk - specifically the threat of a reopened cut. The warning comes from an unlikely source, Sammy Morris, a seasoned boxing insider with a decade of experience. Morris believes Fury's wound from the Otto Wallin fight hasn't properly healed and could pose a significant risk in his battle for the vacant undisputed heavyweight championship.

Tyson Fury is in danger of having his cut reopened by Oleksandr Usyk.

Straightforward Assessment

Morris's assessment is straightforward: if a cut reopens in the same spot years later, it indicates an incomplete healing process. Despite the standard 100-day recovery period post-injury, Fury's age and the nature of the cut could prolong his healing time, making him susceptible to further damage. At 35, Fury's skin has lost some elasticity, making him more prone to cuts, and his recovery time may be doubled compared to a younger fighter.

The concern isn't merely medical; it's strategic. Morris suggests that Usyk, known for his precision and strategic prowess, may target Fury's vulnerable eye. With Fury's penchant for showboating and his hands often low, protecting the eye becomes paramount. Morris predicts Fury will adopt a tighter guard to shield his vulnerable spot, a departure from his usual relaxed stance.

Subtle Adjustments

But will Fury's concern over the cut alter his fighting style? While Morris anticipates a cautious approach, other boxing analysts doubt Fury will abandon his trademark techniques. Fury's coach, SugarHill Steward, has instilled subtle adjustments, but Fury's core strategy remains intact. Against Usyk, Fury is expected to box at long range, utilizing his reach advantage and unpredictable movement.

The possibility of Usyk exploiting the cut cannot be dismissed entirely. In heavyweight boxing history, fighters have strategically targeted opponents' weaknesses, as Lennox Lewis did against Gary Mason. Usyk's team could devise a similar plan, aiming to aggravate Fury's injury and disrupt his rhythm. Yet, Fury's mental fortitude and adaptability may mitigate this threat, allowing him to maintain focus and execute his game plan.

In the end, Fury's resilience will be tested not just physically but mentally. His ability to block out distractions and stay true to his style could be the deciding factor in the fight. While the possibility of the cut opening looms large, Fury remains undeterred, ready to face Usyk head-on and defend his legacy in the ring.

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