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Future Heavyweight Star: Corey Commeau of Maine

Despite his young age and without a driver's license, Commeau dreams big—aiming for a world heavyweight championship.


Fairfield, ME, USA (January 7, 2023) - Corey Commeau, a 14-year-old from Maine, is making waves, aiming to be the next big name in his home state. Recently, he participated in Northeast Regional Silver Gloves Championships in Albany, New York, following his victory in the New England Silver Gloves super heavyweight division against a 15-year-old contender in Massachusetts.

Corey Commeau has a solid support system and unwavering determination.

"Feeling those nerves before a fight is real, but once that first punch lands, it's like second nature. After a few punches, you find your calm," shared Commeau about his experience.

Credit for Commeau's foray into boxing goes to his mom, who directed him to the gym to keep him focused and out of trouble. That decision laid the foundation for his passion. They both commit to a three-times-a-week trek to Rolfe Boxing Club in Fairfield, where Justin Rolfe, an accomplished boxer himself, coaches Commeau.

"The impact of boxing is underrated. I've seen it transform lives, including my own," remarked Rolfe, reflecting on the sport's influence.

Under Rolfe's guidance, Commeau is learning from a seasoned boxer who honed his skills under the tutelage of legendary Maine figures like Joey Gamache Sr. and Danny Ferris. Rolfe, with multiple amateur Golden Gloves titles to his name, also fought professionally in Las Vegas, sharing the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

Rolfe's gym embodies the spirit of "Maine Tough." It operates with minimal amenities, using a generator, and braves the harsh cold—an intentional choice to toughen up the fighters. Commeau, even on chilly nights, finds comfort in the challenging environment, displaying an impressive level of dedication.

"Commeau's not just physically equipped; he listens, which is monumental," Rolfe praised. "Discipline like his is invaluable."

Commeau absorbs Rolfe's guidance and diligently practices his craft, exemplifying discipline beyond his years. His recent bout against a "southpaw" required a unique approach, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to learning.

Despite his young age and without a driver's license, Commeau dreams big—aiming for a world heavyweight championship. Rolfe, impressed by the youngster's potential, even referred to him as a "prodigy."

Although Commeau faced a setback in the recent match, Rolfe highlighted upcoming opportunities, signaling continuous training and readiness.

With unwavering support from Maine's boxing icons, his family, and the community, Commeau's journey into the world of top heavyweight boxing holds promise, with Rolfe gearing up for future tournaments and honing the young fighter's skills.

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