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Efe Ajagba Gets DQ Win over Zhan Kossobutskiy

The highly anticipated clash ended in a manner far from satisfactory, with Kossobutskiy's blatant disqualification tarnishing the event.

Mikey Williams - Top Rank

Tulsa, Oklahoma - The heavyweight division witnessed a collision of powerhouses as Efe Ajagba (18-1, 13 KOs) secured a fourth-round victory by disqualification over the previously undefeated Zhan Kossobutskiy (19-1, 18 KOs).

The contest ignited with Kossobutskiy adopting an aggressive approach, relentlessly pressing forward and attempting to apply pressure on Ajagba. The latter aimed to establish distance, leveraging his jab to set up a repertoire of punches. Kossobutskiy managed to connect with two left-handed shots, which Ajagba absorbed without faltering. As the second round unfolded, both fighters experienced their share of success. Ajagba focused on landing straight body shots, showcasing his precision. The closing moments of the round witnessed Ajagba delivering blows that seemed to trouble Kossobutskiy.

In the third round, Kossobutskiy was penalized with a point deduction due to a low blow. The sequence repeated itself shortly thereafter, as Kossobutskiy once again incurred a point deduction for another low blow. The fight devolved into a series of fouls from both contenders, taking on a more contentious tone. As the fourth round unfolded, Kossobutskiy's disqualification materialized following yet another significant low blow.

The clash of heavyweight punchers ended in a manner far from satisfactory, with Kossobutskiy's disqualification overshadowing what could have been an enthralling contest.

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