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Frazer Clarke Delivers Warning to Fabio Wardley

"You’ve done well. I credit you from where you’ve come from to what you’re doing. I’m knocking you unconscious."


Burton-on-Trent, UK (November 7, 2023) - Top Heavyweight Fabio Wardley, the British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion, had made a significant stride in his career by impressively halting David Adeleye. The event prompted Clarke to ensure his presence in Saudi Arabia, determined to secure his spot in the heavyweight conversation.

"He's NOT been fantastic!" | Fabio Wardley analyses Frazer Clarke's pro career so far - Sky Sports Boxing

Judging by recent developments, his mission appears to be successful. Clarke and Wardley had a candid conversation on Sky Sports, with the undefeated Ipswich champion confirming his keen interest in facing the 2020 Olympic bronze medalist.

“He knows I’m ready,” Clarke (8-0, 6 KOs) affirmed. “I went over there, not on the hunt for him, but just to seek him out and let him know that I’m ready. I was ready before, but that’s been and gone. I want the fight; he says he wants the fight. He just needs to know that this isn’t David Adeleye or Nathan Gorman. It’s a different kettle of fish.”

Earlier this year, Clarke and Wardley (17-0, 16 KOs) were slated to compete for the British title. However, right before the purse bids were to be unveiled, Clarke's team withdrew from the process. They deemed it more advantageous for him to accumulate additional professional rounds before taking on championship-level opponents. Despite his initial frustration with the decision, the 32-year-old Clarke believes he has matured significantly over the course of 16 rounds, including a ten-round win over Mariusz Wach and a six-round stoppage of Dave Allen, making him more than prepared to seize his opportunity when it arises.

"Well done on his fight first and foremost. I thought he boxed well. I just want to fight him, and I hope he wants to fight me,” Clarke declared. “He says he does. Let’s get it on. I think in terms of British title fights, this will be the one. This isn’t like the idiot he boxed the other day. This is different gravy. It’s a proper fight. It’ll be respectful, but don’t get me wrong, the needle is there. May the best man win when it happens."

“I was confident before, but after that weekend, plaudits to him, he boxed well, but he’ll have to be a lot better than that to beat me. I do think I’ll knock him out. In fact, I know I’ll knock him out judging on what I saw. He was good but he was fighting a blown-up cruiser which he did a job on. He wasn’t offering nothing. He looked good doing it as well, but it’ll be a different fight with me. I’ll knock him out.

“I sign that contract, and I’m knocking them pearly whites down your throat, boy. You’ve done well. I credit you from where you’ve come from to what you’re doing. I’m knocking you unconscious."

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