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George Foreman's Near-Death Experience

Following a gruelling fight one night, he found himself in a dressing room and believed he was on the brink of death.


George Foreman, celebrated for his achievements in both boxing and the world of grilling, has recently made headlines with the success of his $6 million biopic, shedding light on an aspect of his life often overshadowed by his sporting and entrepreneurial endeavors. Many are unaware of a near-death experience that profoundly altered Foreman's life, and this newfound revelation has been explored in the Netflix biopic titled "Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World."

This film takes viewers on an intimate journey through Foreman's life, offering insights into his faith, surprising return to the boxing ring, and, most notably, a life-altering event that has long been kept under wraps.

Foreman's near-death experience was a pivotal moment in his life. Following a gruelling fight one night, he found himself in a dressing room and believed he was on the brink of death. What unfolded next was nothing short of miraculous. Foreman recollected the experience, saying, "I was snatched out of my body, and I could see people as far as the eye could see caught in a trap, and I knew this place was hell. I said, 'I don't care, if this was death, I still believe in God.' Then I was snatched right out of that place and taken to another place of life, and I was back in my body in my dressing room, and I started screaming. I had seen death."

In that moment of desperation, Foreman turned to God, crying out for help. It was then that he heard God's response: "I want you, not your money." This profound encounter led Foreman to a spiritual awakening. He felt as though Jesus's blood was covering his sins, and he found solace and renewal in his newfound faith.

Before this pivotal moment, Foreman had primarily focused on amassing wealth and investing in real estate. However, his near-death experience shifted his priorities. He began to view life through a different lens, realizing that there was more to existence than material riches. His faith in Jesus Christ became central to his identity, and he felt reborn.

This transformation took him from a boxer who fought to promote himself globally to a man on a mission to share his faith with the world. Doctors could find nothing medically wrong with him after comprehensive tests, solidifying his conviction that he had experienced a divine intervention.

Foreman's biopic not only showcases his remarkable achievements, from his humble beginnings to Olympic gold and the World Heavyweight Championship, but also explores the multifaceted facets of his personality, including his faith journey and moments of anger. In essence, the film aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of George Foreman's life, both within and beyond the boxing ring.

In Foreman's own words, "For some reason, God touched me, an old sinner, and showed me a living God." His biopic offers an opportunity for fans to delve deeper into his extraordinary journey, one that encompasses victories, challenges, and profound transformation, ultimately driven by his unwavering faith in God.

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