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Guido Vianello Gets Needed Win over Curtis Harper

While the bout wasn't a spectacular display of boxing brilliance, Vianello managed to have his arm raised in victory.


Rosenberg, TX, USA (October 14, 2023) - Guido Vianello has made his comeback and secured a much-needed win. While the bout wasn't a spectacular display of boxing brilliance, Vianello managed to have his arm raised in victory with an eight-round unanimous decision over Curtis Harper. The judges' scores were 80-72, 79-73, and 79-73, all in favor of Vianello. This clash took place during the ESPN+ preliminary stream on a Saturday night at Fort Bend Epicenter in Rosenberg, Texas.

Guido Vianello wins but doesn't impress against Curtis Harper

Roma's Guido Vianello entered the ring well-prepared for Curtis Harper, who is known for his aggressive forward-charging style. This fight marked Vianello's return to the ring after suffering a stoppage defeat at the hands of Jonnie Rice earlier in the year. The Italian top heavyweight was clearly ahead on the scorecards, but an unfortunate cut caused by a punch led to the stoppage in his previous bout.

Shaking off that bitter loss might take a few more fights for Vianello, but he started this match on the right foot. He connected with a counter right uppercut in the early rounds, although he otherwise adopted a cautious approach against Harper. Curtis Harper, who was visibly out of shape, has been stopped five times during his journeyman career and now seems reduced to a human punching bag.

Harper had a brief moment of success in the third round, and in the fourth, he tried to disrupt Vianello's rhythm by switching to a southpaw stance. Unfortunately for Harper, this change in tactics did not yield the desired results. As the fight progressed, Harper resorted to smothering his opponent. It was only midway through the round that Vianello landed a solid right hand and started pushing the pace.

The action slowed down as neither boxer appeared eager to engage in a heavyweight slugfest. In the seventh round, Vianello took the lead and even managed to dislodge a makeshift wrap from Harper's hair with a well-placed right hand.

Despite receiving encouragement to go for the knockout in the final round, Curtis Harper seemed content to go the distance. Vianello appeared to have accepted this approach, and by the end of the fight, his expression seemed to suggest that while it was a win, it was a bout he'd rather forget.

Guido Vianello has taken a step on his journey to redemption.

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