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Guido Vianello Dominates Moses Johnson

Guido Vianello delivered the performance he needed at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York, getting an easy win over Moses Johnson.


New York, NY, USA (February 16, 2024) - Guido Vianello delivered the performance he needed, getting an easy win over Moses Johnson. Vianello, dropped Johnson several times in the first round before the fight was finally stopped.

Guido Vianello completely dominated Moses Johnson in New York City.

The bout, which took place at the iconic Madison Square Garden, unfolded with surprising ease for Vianello. From the opening bell, Vianello displayed remarkable energy and focus, swiftly landing a solid right that sent Johnson crumbling to the canvas.

However, confusion started when the referee didn't call it a knockdown, allowing Johnson to rise and continue taking a beating. What followed was a series of relentless assaults from Vianello, as he floored Johnson multiple times before the referee ultimately decided to halt the contest after the fifth knockdown, effectively ending a bout that never truly began.

Guido Vianello wins via TKO after relentless beating -

For the twenty-nine-year-old heavyweight from Rome, Italy, this marks his twelfth win, propelling him towards more challenging opponents in the future. Vianello's dominant performance has undoubtedly caught the attention of some observers within the heavyweight division.

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