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Gurgen Hovhannisyan Stops Colby Madison in the 5th Round

Undefeated 6’7, 278-pound top heavyweight prospect Gurgen “Big Gug” Hovhannisyan secured a fifth-round knockout victory against Colby Madison in Tacoma.


Tacoma, WA, USA (January 5, 2024) - Highly touted top heavyweight prospect Gurgen Hovhannisyan returned triumphantly to the ring after over a year's absence. Known as one of the heavyweight division's most promising new faces, the towering Armenian, standing over 2 meters tall, has been making waves. Despite his weight, he might not resemble the typical athletic physique, but inside the ring, he consistently delivers. Speed, punching power, fundamental boxing skills—Hovhannisyan seems to possess it all, catching the attention of the PBC, who had been nurturing his career. A showdown against former world champion Charles Martin was anticipated last year, but it never materialized.

Gurgen Hovhannisyan got 2024 off to a great start with a dominant performance against Colby Madison.

Hovhannisyan halted Michael Polite Coffie's progress in October 2022, marking his last fight until his long-awaited comeback on Thursday. Injuries and cancellations thwarted further victories. However, he finally returned to the ring after more than a year, facing off against seasoned veteran Colby Madison (11-7-2).

The early rounds in Tacoma, Washington, unfolded quietly. Hovhannisyan, relatively passive and cautious, engaged in an exploratory phase. Madison attempted to score points with occasional bursts and a consistent jab, showing moderate success. But by the third round, the Armenian emerged more active and commanding. He began pressuring Madison against the ropes, relentlessly working him over, while Madison tried to counter.

At the start of the fifth round, Hovhannisyan resumed his assault, landing powerful headshots, causing Madison to touch the canvas for the first time. He failed to rise, leading to the referee's count. This marked Hovhannisyan's fifth consecutive knockout victory in as many professional fights, signaling his hopes for bigger matchups in the future.

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