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Joe Frazier 80th Birthday Tribute Event Set

The legacy of relentless former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier will be celebrated on what would have been his 80th birthday.


Philadelphia, PA, USA (December 16, 2023) - The legacy of relentless former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier will be celebrated on what would have been his 80th birthday. Frazier, who passed away in 2011, is set to be commemorated through a special boxing event hosted in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a place with sentimental value for the Frazier family.

Joe Frazier was the true spirit of Philadelphia.

Joe Frazier Jr., his son, revealed plans for a series of fights on January 13 at Boardwalk Hall, marking the occasion of his father's milestone birthday, a day after his actual birth anniversary. Frazier Jr. noted the special significance of Atlantic City, the site of his parents' first date, making it a poignant location for the tribute. Frazier Sr., renowned for his tenacity and championship reign in the heavyweight division, is still remembered for his contributions to the sport.

Despite Frazier's absence, his connection to Philadelphia has only deepened over the years. The city has honored him with a statue near the sports stadiums, commemorating his legacy as one of Philadelphia's sporting icons. Frazier's devotion to Philadelphia and his desire to inspire young athletes remain integral aspects of his legacy.

"His legacy lives on," said Frazier Jr. "He was all about giving back to the kids. It's good to see his name kept alive."

The decision to host the event in Atlantic City arose due to the lack of a suitable venue in Poxers hiladelphia. Frazier Jr. expressed hope for a resurgence of boxing's allure along the famed boardwalk, choosing a location that holds personal significance to the family.

The fight card, "Hooked on Greatness," boasts undefeated balongside Philadelphia's own Joey Dawejko. However, the absence of major boxing broadcasters like HBO and Showtime has left promoters seeking alternative streaming platforms to showcase the event.

Danny Swift Garcia, a former WBC light welterweight champion and a Philadelphia native, emphasized his mission to pave a path for emerging fighters to championship opportunities. Garcia, who aims for a comeback after a hiatus, acknowledged the complexities of the sport's politics in securing fights.

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Joe Frazier's legacy remains intertwined with Muhammad Ali, epitomizing one of boxing's greatest rivalries. Their epic trilogy of fights, notably the "Fight of the Century" in 1971, cemented Frazier's status as the first man to defeat Ali. Despite being undersized for a heavyweight, Frazier's prowess and resilience earned him a place among the sport's legends.

Frazier's family aims to ensure his enduring legacy by educating the younger generation about his remarkable achievements. As Frazier Jr. aptly put it, "That's who I really want to educate. Everyone my age and up knows who he is. They'll always remember."

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