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Carnage: Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babic

Fisher's camp views this fight as a calculated step forward. Despite his experience, Babic has shown vulnerabilities, especially against modest-level opponents.


London, UK (June 10, 2024) - The anticipation is building as undefeated heavyweight prospect Johnny Fisher 11-0 (10 KOs) faces off against the seasoned puncher Alen Babic 12-1 (11 KOs) on July 6th at London's Copper Box Arena. This fight promises to be a key moment for both fighters, demonstrating Fisher's potential and testing Babic's resilience after recent efforts which have exposed his vulnerabilities.

Top heavyweight prospect Johnny Fisher is expected to be too much for Alen Babic.

Johnny Fisher: The Rising Star

At just 24 years old, Johnny Fisher has already made a significant impact in the UK heavyweight scene. Known for his power and relentless drive, Fisher has quickly risen through the domestic ranks, earning his first main event slot at the Copper Box. His promoter, Eddie Hearn, has successfully sold a substantial number of tickets based on Fisher's growing fan base and impressive performance record.

This bout represents a crucial next-step in Fisher's career. It’s not just another fight; it's an opportunity to prove himself as a headliner. With a string of knockout victories, Fisher is looking to demonstrate his abilities on a larger stage, and this match against Babic is set up to be a showcase of his talents.

Alen Babic: The Seasoned Warrior

Alen Babic, with his aggressive style and extensive amateur experience, presents a formidable challenge. Babic has fought over 100 amateur fights and brings a wealth of experience into the ring. Despite being the underdog in this bout, Babic's fighting spirit and unorthodox approach make him a dangerous opponent.

Babic’s career has seen highs and lows. He was recently stopped by Lucas Rozanski in a disappointing defeat for a minor title in Poland. Nevertheless, his past performances show a fighter who can deliver thrilling bouts, making him a popular figure among boxing fans. Babic’s aggression and ability to engage in toe-to-toe battles make him a fighter who cannot be underestimated and always delivers a good show.

The Matchup

Fisher's camp sees this fight as a calculated step forward. Babic, despite his experience, has shown vulnerabilities, particularly against modest level opponents. Fisher, with his height, reach, and power, is expected to exploit these weaknesses. The consensus among analysts is that Fisher will aim for a highlight-reel knockout, capitalizing on Babic's aggressive yet defensively flawed style.

Conversely, Babic will look to leverage his experience and unpredictability. Known for his come-forward style and willingness to engage in brawls, Babic could pose problems if he manages to turn the fight into a slugfest. However, Fisher’s camp is confident in his ability to withstand Babic's pressure and deliver a decisive win.

Alen Babic is at the crossroads of his career and a win over Fisher will help to restart his momentum.

Press Conference Highlights

At the recent press conference, both fighters expressed their readiness and determination. Johnny Fisher emphasized his excitement and focus, dismissing the external pressures and focusing on the task at hand. "Self-belief is something that I'm never going to be short of," Fisher declared. "I've definitely got the power, and if we go to the trenches, I believe I've got the mentality to come out on top."

Alen Babic, on the other hand, acknowledged his underdog status but remained confident in his abilities. "I've fought strong men and power punchers my whole career," Babic stated. "This fight is a present from God for me, and I'm ready to show what I've got."

Expectations and Implications

This bout is more than just a fight; it's a significant milestone for both fighters. For Fisher, a victory could propel him towards bigger opportunities and potential national title shots. His promoter, Eddie Hearn, has hinted at future bouts for the British heavyweight title, with names like Fabio Wardley, David Adeleye, and Solomon Dacres on the horizon.

For Babic, this fight represents a chance to rejuvenate his career. A win against a rising star like Fisher would be a major boost, potentially opening doors for more high-profile matches. However, a loss could further cement his status as a gatekeeper rather than a future contender.

The Verdict

While Babic’s experience and tenacity cannot be overlooked, the general expectation is that Johnny Fisher’s youth, power, and skill will be too much for Babic to handle. Fisher's ability to take punches and his knack for delivering knockout blows give him the edge in this matchup. As the Copper Box Arena gears up to host this explosive clash, fans can expect a thrilling night of boxing that could mark the beginning of a new stage in Johnny Fisher's promising career.

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