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Johnny Fisher and the Bosh Army are Heading to Las Vegas

Johnny Fisher 10-0 (9 KOs), the Romford-born top heavyweight prospect, stands out as a unique figure in contemporary British boxing.


Romford, UK (December 31, 2023) - Johnny Fisher, the Romford-born top heavyweight prospect, stands out as a unique figure in contemporary British boxing. With an uncanny ability to fill arenas with his passionate followers, known as the "Bosh Army," Fisher creates an atmosphere akin to a major football match at his fights. His loyal fans turn fight days into a festival, gathering early in cafes for breakfast, traveling together to the fight town, and adding to the buzz at the venue, ensuring packed bleachers throughout. That energy and excitement is coming to Las Vegas on February 3rd as the Romford Bull looks for his 11th pro win.

Prized acquisition

Romford's Johnny Fisher will be making his Las Vegas debut on February 3rd.

For Eddie Hearn and S-Jam Management, Fisher has proven to be a prized acquisition. His presence on a fight card significantly boosts ticket sales. When he fought on the undercard of Danny Jacobs vs. John Ryder at Alexandra Palace against the relatively unknown Gabriel Enguema, the then 4-0 Fisher's father, Big John, reportedly sold 2,000 tickets—around 20% of the arena's capacity—and insisted he could have sold twice as many. These figures are exceptional for a boxer at Fisher's level, making him an anomaly in the world of top heavyweight boxing.

But Fisher isn't just a ticket-selling machine; he's also adept at marketing himself in the realm of social media. Embracing likes, clicks, and engagement metrics, he floods the internet with training session videos, photos with sparring partners, interviews with boxing media, and self-produced fight promotion videos. Sharing glimpses of his social and family life turned out to be a masterstroke. His father, Big John, leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram to promote his son, has transcended boxing, turning "Bosh" into a meme-worthy phenomenon.

Johnny Fisher made quick work of Harry Armstrong at the O2 Arena last August.


Yet, Fisher's skyrocketing ticket sales have led to their own challenges. While boasting an impressive 10-0 record with 9 knockouts, he has faced few significant tests. His encounter with Gabriel Enguema showed vulnerabilities, leaving him looking less polished than expected.

Despite Fisher's undeniable talent, there's a lingering sense of directionlessness in his career. While Hearn acknowledges Fisher's progression, fans anticipate more challenging matchups. Hearn's comments about stepping up Fisher's competition and potentially pursuing championships suggest a shift to more serious challenges.

Matchmaking choices

However, questions arise about the matchmaking choices for Fisher's opponents. The mismatch between Fisher and Emilio Salas highlighted the need for opponents with more ambition and skill. There's a call for Fisher to face homegrown talents like Naylor Ball or Tommy Welch, or older, experienced heavyweights like Nathan Gorman.

Fisher's intensive training experiences, rubbing shoulders with top heavyweight boxers like Joe Joyce and immersing himself in high-tech training facilities, hint at a broader skill set than his in-ring record may suggest.


Amidst Fisher's accolades and potential, the path forward remains a topic of contention. As the Romford Bull gains accolades like the Southern Area Heavyweight Title and the 2023 'Best Young Boxer of the Year' by the Boxing Writers' Club, the question of challenging opponents looms large. With an upcoming U.S. debut in Las Vegas after a successful 2023, Fisher faces the challenge of balancing ticket-selling prowess with the need for career advancement in the world of top heavyweight boxing.

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