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Two Fight Saga: Michael Dokes vs. Mike Weaver

Behind the scenes of these gripping encounters loomed the towering presence of American boxing promoter Don King.


Las Vegas, NV, USA (February 7, 2024) - In the annals of top heavyweight boxing history, certain clashes stand out not just for their action in the ring, but for the controversies and complexities that surrounded them. The two encounters between Michael Dokes and Mike Weaver, occurring in 1982 and 1983, epitomize the drama and confusion of the sport during the 1980s.

Mike Weaver drills Michael Dokes with a hard left hand in their 1983 rematch - Heavyweight History

The First Encounter: Dokes vs. Weaver I

The initial showdown between Dokes and Weaver was nothing short of electrifying. Held for the WBA's Heavyweight title, the fight ended in a first-round technical knockout, with Dokes emerging victorious. However, controversy swiftly followed as many spectators and pundits alike felt that the fight was prematurely halted, raising questions about the validity of the outcome.

Redemption: Weaver vs. Dokes II

In the wake of the contentious first bout, the World Boxing Association ordered a rematch, setting the stage for an epic showdown between Dokes and Weaver once again. The rematch, scored as a 15-round draw, only served to intensify the controversy surrounding the two pugilists. With neither boxer able to claim a decisive victory, debate raged on about the judges' scoring and the rightful winner of the match.

The Promotional Force: Don King's Influence

Behind the scenes of these gripping encounters loomed the towering presence of American boxing promoter Don King. Instrumental in organizing and promoting the fights, King added his trademark flair and showmanship to the already charged atmosphere surrounding Dokes and Weaver's battles for supremacy in the heavyweight division.

Michael Dokes won the WBA world heavyweight title in 1982- Historic Boxing

The Contenders: Mike Weaver and Michael Dokes

Mike Weaver: Hailing from Gainesville, Texas, Weaver's journey to the upper echelons of boxing was marked by resilience and determination. A former Marine, Weaver honed his skills through rigorous training and sparring sessions with legendary figures like George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. Despite early setbacks, Weaver ascended to become the WBA world heavyweight champion, etching his name in boxing lore.

Michael Dokes: Born in Akron, Ohio, Dokes was a prodigious talent with a stellar amateur record before transitioning to the professional ranks. Known for his lightning-fast hand speed and punching power, Dokes quickly rose through the ranks, capturing regional titles and earning his shot at the world heavyweight crown. Despite grappling with personal challenges, including a battle with drug addiction, Dokes displayed remarkable resilience inside the ring.

Controversy and Courage

The saga of Michael Dokes vs. Mike Weaver remains etched in the annals of top heavyweight boxing history as a testament to the sport's enduring allure and drama. Despite the controversies and uncertainties that surrounded their encounters, Dokes and Weaver showcased the indomitable spirit of champions, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of professional boxing.

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