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Mitsur Tajima , Japan's Heavyweight Boxing Hope

Mitsur Tajima 但馬ブランドン ミツロ is Undefeated at 9-0 (7 KOs), Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Japan, a growing fan base and getting ready to challenge the world.


Osaka, Japan (September, 17, 2023) - In the heart of Japan's bustling boxing scene, national heavyweight champion Mitsuro Tajima continues to tighten his grip on the Japanese boxing scene. With a recent victory in Okayama, Tajima's record now boasts an impressive nine consecutive wins since his debut, now marking him as a rising star in the sport.

Recently on September 4, 2023, Tajima faced off against Thailand's Akapob Elawah in the nationwide "3150FIGHT" tour. As the bell rang, anticipation filled the air, and what followed was a display of developing skill and determination.

Tajima turned on the heat in the final round and forced a stoppage - 4 Corners Boxing

Tajima's journey to Okayama was anything but easy. This was his sixth bout of the year, and he entered the ring with an unwavering desire to win. While he had won two of his last three fights by decision, this would prove to be a test of will. Akapob Elawah, hailing from Thailand, exhibited tenacious spirit, occasionally throwing hard right-hands at Tajima. Defensively, Elawah kept a tight guard, unfazed by Tajima's relentless body shots.

As the eight rounds passed, it looked as though Tajima was cruising to another decision win. Then Tajima's combinations started to find find their mark, and Elawah was forced into the blue corner. Tajima nearly forced the stoppage with his first solid flurry on the ropes, but it was his follow-up assault that finally brough Referee Fukuchi to stop the contest, declaring Tajima the winner by TKO with just one second remaining in the fight.

In the aftermath of his impressive win, Mitsuro Tajima was full of energy and confidence: "I first thought a decision win would be my goal, but then I thought about my trainng and what I've learned. It's my dedication that pushed me to finish strong." It's worth noting that Tajima has undergone a remarkable transformation in his career. Having once tipped the scales at 280 pounds, he has consistently dropped weight with each bout. For this contest, he weighed in at 257.75 pounds (116.9 kg), over 20 pounds lighter. And he has no plans to stop there, with more weight reductions in the future.

Mitsuro Tajima's remarkable journey in the heavyweight division continues and their's a real buzz as his fan base continues to build. With each fight, he refines his skills and hones his physique. Local heavyweight boxing fans are gearing up for his next fight, scheduled for October 7th, as he seeks to further solidify his place as one of Japan's most promising boxing talents.

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