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Solomon Dacres Targets Top Heavyweight Mix with Wardley and Clarke

Dacres, unbeaten and ambitious, is setting his sights on British-Commonwealth champion Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke.


Warley, UK (November 10, 2023) - Solomon Dacres, the English heavyweight titleholder, is eyeing a prominent place in the competitive heavyweight division. Dacres, unbeaten and ambitious, is setting his sights on British-Commonwealth champion Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke.

Solomon Dacres looks to defend his English Heavyweight Title on November 18th in Manchester.

Dacres, who currently holds the English heavyweight title, has his heart set on securing a shot at the British championship. The British title, currently held by Fabio Wardley, has been a major attraction in the boxing scene.

"I've got my eyes on that," Dacres stated in an interview with Sky Sports. "That's hopefully something we can get made."

The English titleholder joins the ranks of formidable unbeaten heavyweights, standing alongside the likes of Wardley and Clarke. Notably, Wardley defended his British championship title last month against David Adeleye, showcasing the heavyweight's skill and determination.

While the trio, Dacres, Wardley, and Clarke, all boast unblemished records, Dacres believes that it's a common trend among young prospects to avoid risking their unbeaten status in the early stages of their careers. "Guys that are down the rankings, prospects, they don't want to risk their '0's early on. It's been hard to match for the English," Dacres explained.

Dacres is eager to carve a name for himself in the British heavyweight landscape. His determination to reach the top is evident in his aspirations to challenge for the British title. As he expressed, "They know what I'm about. They probably look at me and think: 'How am I going to beat him? Where's the vulnerability? How am I going to beat him?' So you're not going to call out someone you don't think you can beat."

Nevertheless, Dacres is resolute that his opportunity will come, and he's ready to test his skills against the best in the division. "Everybody's going to have to fight somebody, and the best will have to fight the best, and that's what I want to become," he emphasized.

A significant subplot in Dacres' journey lies in his relationship with Frazer Clarke. Both Dacres and Clarke share a history from their time together on Great Britain's Olympic squad. Their familiarity is expected to translate into a professional rivalry in the top heavyweight division.

Dacres acknowledges this potential showdown, anticipating a bout with Clarke for the British title. "We could definitely meet for the British title. GB's No 1 and No 2 amateurs over the last few years. They always prove to be big fights. You've had [Joe] Joyce-[Daniel] Dubois, big fights like [Anthony] Joshua vs Dillian Whyte that kind of fight in the future," Dacres predicted.

The prospect of heavyweight clashes in the British boxing scene excites Dacres, who recognizes the importance of high-level domestic fights. "People love British heavyweight fights, high-level fights," he emphasized. "It's what's going to get us motivated and get the best out of ourselves."

With unwavering determination, Dacres remains focused on his journey. He envisions a future where he faces the best in the division, and he welcomes the challenges along the way.

As he considers a potential bout between Wardley and Clarke, Dacres stated that he would "definitely" want to face the winner. However, he is eager to get his own shot at the British title before taking on the victor.

"Frazer had his chance before, you've got to let me have my chance now," Dacres declared. "Let me have mine now, and then Frazer can jump in with me afterwards!"

Should a showdown with Clarke become a reality, Dacres sees it as a Midlands derby, as he hails from Birmingham while Clarke represents Burton, a mere 40-minute drive away. Dacres anticipates their eventual meeting in the professional ranks and believes the better man will emerge victorious.

With high stakes and unbeaten records on the line, the British heavyweight scene is poised for compelling battles, where warriors like Solomon Dacres are determined to rise to the top.

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