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Cassius Chaney

WBA #7 Contender

New London, CT, USA

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Last Fight
November 4, 2023
KO 7, Trevor Bryan, Casino Miami, MIami, FL, USA
Next Fight
Michael Hunter
June 7, 2024
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, Hollywood, FL, USA
6' 6"

It was a moment etched in the annals of my boxing career, a punch with the weight of destiny behind it. Miami's early November air was charged as I faced off against the seasoned former champion, Trevor Bryan. The right hook I threw was nothing short of a seismic shock, a shot that seemed propelled by a force beyond me, sending Bryan crashing to the canvas.

In that electric moment, I, Cassius Chaney, stood in a neutral corner, a mentor to city kids, yet in the unforgiving arena of boxing, I had vanquished a revered opponent. But what followed the impactful hook altered the triumph's glow into a bittersweet contemplation.

As Bryan lay motionless, the sport's veneer of aggression momentarily peeled away, replaced by a haunting silence. Medical personnel rushed in, tending to him with a neck brace and a stretcher, and his mother hurried to console him.

"The knockout was a rush, but then you see him not getting up. I'm thinking, 'what's going on?'" I reminisced over breakfast at Jake's State St. Diner back home last week. "I wanted to win impressively. But it's bittersweet."

The victory brought the WBA Continental title, yet its triumphs were overshadowed by the sobering realities of inflicting such powerful blows. The sport's adage of brutal consequences comes alive when faced with the aftermath. My concerns grew for Bryan's well-being as we remained in touch, the real-world implications of my victory reverberating.

Coach Fred Weaver weighed in, echoing the gravity of the moment. "I've never seen anything like it. Another ref would have stopped that fight earlier. Everything sort of happened too fast after the overhand right."

Starting my boxing career relatively late at 36, the Bryan fight followed a prolonged hiatus, with a sole round of action in nearly two years. A single pro loss against George Arias in 2021 stands on my record of 23-1 with 16 knockouts.

Surging to No. 3 in the latest rankings, my visibility in the boxing world has skyrocketed. Yet, the unfortunate injury to Bryan underlines the stark duality of this sport—another's misfortune can become one's opportunity.

Boxing, a realm where victory often accompanies harsh repercussions, serves a stark reminder with every impactful blow landed in the pursuit of glory. Such is the paradoxical nature of this unforgiving sport.