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Michael Hunter vs. Cassius Chaney for the WBA Gold

Cassius Chaney, though no longer a prospect, has struggled to gain significant traction in the division.


Hollywood, FL, USA June 2, 2024) - From the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino comes an intriguing matchup this Friday June 7 between two fringe contenders, Michael Hunter 22-1-2 (16 KOs) and Cassius Chaney 23-1 (16 KOs), for the vacant WBA Interim title. This bout, while for a title of questionable significance, holds substantial implications for both fighters as they seek to rejuvenate their careers and climb into the heavyweight spotlight.

Michael Hunter: Unfulfilled Potential

Michael Hunter, a fighter with undeniable talent, has seen his career fluctuate due to missed opportunities and unconvincing performances. Hunter’s major opportunity came in 2019 when he fought to a draw against the then-dangerous Alexander Povetkin. This result, instead of catapulting him into the heavyweight elite, left him in a state of limbo.

Michael Hunter and Cassius Chaney both need an impressive win on Saturday in Florida.

In 2021, Hunter’s attempt to reignite his career saw him sign with Triller, but a draw against Jerry Forrest further stalled his momentum. Following this, Hunter engaged in two stay-busy fights and an exhibition bout in Uzbekistan against Artem Suslenkov, which he lost. Despite these setbacks, Chaney's promoter, Don King, has managed to secure this WBA Gold title bout, offering Chaney a potential boost and Hunter a pathway back to relevance among the very top heavyweights.

Cassius Chaney: The Stalled Contender

Cassius Chaney, while beyond the prospect stage, has struggled to gain significant traction in the division. His 2021 decision loss to fringe contender George Arias halted his progress, but a subsequent tune-up fight and a notable knockout victory over Trevor Bryan in 2023 have kept his hopes alive. However, Bryan, who once held another WBA secondary title, was in far from reasonable shape, diminishing the impact of Chaney’s win.

Now, Chaney faces a critical juncture. With the backing of Don King and a newfound aggression, he looks to leverage this opportunity against Hunter to propel himself up the heavyweight rankings.

Fight Breakdown

Michael Hunter, known for his speed and technical prowess, is a medium-sized heavyweight with the ability to outmaneuver larger opponents. His agility and skill set give him a distinct advantage in terms of ring generalship. However, his recent performances have raised questions about his consistency and ability to deliver when the chips are down.

Cassius Chaney, on the other hand, brings size and power to the ring. Standing taller and weighing more than Hunter, Chaney has knockout power in both hands. His recent performances suggest a more aggressive and determined approach, something he’ll need to overcome Hunter’s technical edge.

What’s at Stake

Both fighters, now in their mid-30s, are at a pivotal point in their careers. For Hunter, this fight represents a final chance to solidify his place among the top contenders. A decisive victory could secure him a top 20 ranking and potential future bouts against higher-caliber opposition.

For Chaney, a win would validate his recent efforts and potentially earn him greater recognition and bigger opportunities. A loss, however, would likely relegate him to the role of a marketable gatekeeper, diminishing his prospects of ever breaking into the elite ranks.


This bout is a classic clash of styles: Hunter’s speed and technical skill against Chaney’s size and power. If Hunter can leverage his agility and outbox Chaney, he could secure a decision victory. Conversely, if Chaney can maintain his aggression and land his powerful shots, a stoppage within eight rounds is a real possibility.

Ultimately, this fight hinges on who can execute their game plan more effectively. It’s a 50-50 match where the fighter who shows up with more determination and sharpness on fight night will likely emerge victorious.

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