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Adam Kownacki Stopped in 45 Seconds

Kownacki went after his opponent with his usual flurries, and Kacper Meyna was happy to oblige, responding with solid shots of his own.


Koszalin, Poland (March 2, 2024) - Adam Kownacki is finished and nobody expected it to end this way. Kownacki's Polish title fight against Kacper Meyna lasted just under one minute. The anticipation was high, but it turned out that Adam Kownacki lasted for only 45 seconds before the referee stopped the fight with the former contender meekly taking punches in the corner.

Adam Kownacki is stopped in the first round and watches his heavyweight boxing career end.

In the first round, both heavyweights started with solid punches. Kownacki went after his opponent with his usual wild flurries, and Meyna was happy to oblige, responding with powerful shots of his own. The fight ended when Kownacki was overwhelmed by Meyna and was trapped in the corner when the referee decided to end the match. The stoppage might have been a little premature, but either way Adam Kownacki is finished in professional boxing after his fifth straight loss. Heavyweight boxing fans owe a debt of gratitude to the Polish-American heavyweight who brought many exciting moments enjoyed by millions around the world. For Kacper Meyna the win will bring some attention on the world scene and potentially bigger paydays to follow.

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