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Analysis: Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury

Usyk's victory is a significant milestone in boxing history. He now holds all major heavyweight titles, a feat not seen since the days of Lennox Lewis.


London, UK (May 21, 2024) - In a historic night of boxing at the Kingdom Arena in Saudi Arabia, Oleksandr Usyk outboxed Tyson Fury over twelve rounds to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. This monumental achievement marks the first time in 25 years that the heavyweight division has a single, undisputed champion. With this victory, Usyk has firmly established himself as the top heavyweight in the world and redefined the lineage of the heavyweight title since it was left vacant following Lennox Lewis's retirement.

Tyson Fury found out that when Oleksandr Usyk turns on the heat it can get very hot.

The Weigh-In Confusion

The drama began even before the fighters entered the ring. Initially, there was confusion surrounding Usyk's weight. It was announced that he weighed 233 pounds, which many, including experts, found alarming and too heavy for the agile Ukrainian. However, it was later corrected that Usyk's actual weight was 223 pounds, an ideal weight for his fighting style. This update restored confidence in predictions of that Usyk would win by points.

The Fight Breakdown

From the opening bell, several key elements unfolded as predicted. Tyson Fury, known for his showmanship, started the fight on the back foot, using his size and reach to try and control the distance. He employed a strategy of showboating and flicking jabs, attempting to create the illusion that he was winning rounds. However, a closer analysis revealed that Usyk was landing more clean and effective punches both to the head and body, especially in the early rounds.

Rounds 1-3: Usyk's Dominance

In the first three rounds, Usyk showcased his superior boxing skills. Despite Fury's attempts to bamboozle the audience, Usyk's precise and clean shots were more effective. Compubox statistics supported this observation, showing Usyk landing at a higher percentage than Fury. Usyk's combinations, particularly a significant left hand towards the end of the first round, damaged Fury's nose, setting the tone for the rounds to come.

Mid-Fight Adjustments

Fury managed to claw back some control in rounds four, five, and six. His powerful uppercuts and body shots began to land with more frequency, causing visible distress to Usyk. However, Fury's inability to sustain this pressure and push Usyk back consistently was a missed opportunity. Usyk's exceptional footwork, head movement, and feints started to regain control in the seventh round, neutralizing Fury's uppercuts and reestablishing his dominance.

The Crucial Ninth Round

The pivotal moment of the fight occurred in the ninth round. Usyk, maintaining relentless pressure, landed a huge left hand that sent Fury staggering into the ropes. The unified champion then unleashed a barrage of punches, leaving the lineal champ bloodied and bewildered. The referee's decision to administer a count, believing the ropes saved Fury from a knockdown, was controversial. Many felt it deprived Usyk of a potential knockout finish, though the call was within the rules.

Championship Rounds

In the final rounds, Usyk continued to outwork and outland Fury. Despite Fury's efforts to mount a comeback in the eleventh and twelfth rounds, Usyk's precision and work rate proved superior. The twelfth round was particularly close, but Usyk's overall performance throughout the fight was undeniably superior.

The Decision and Aftermath

The judges' decision to give Usyk a split verdict was met with some surprise, as many believed the fight should have been scored unanimously for the Ukrainian. Usyk's clean and effective punching, coupled with his high accuracy, made him the clear victor. With this win, Usyk not only became the undisputed champion but also delivered a masterclass in boxing, reaffirming his position as the best heavyweight in the world.

Legacy and Future

Usyk's victory is a significant milestone in boxing history. He now holds all major heavyweight belts, a feat not seen since the days of Lennox Lewis. This fight also sets the stage for future high-profile bouts, with potential challengers eager to test themselves against the new undisputed champion.

In conclusion, Oleksandr Usyk's win over Tyson Fury was a testament to his exceptional skill, strategy, and resilience. It was a night that will be remembered in the legends of boxing history, celebrating the rise of a new undisputed heavyweight champion.

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