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Moses Itauma's Story Keeps Building

With an impressive record of 8-0 (6) since turning professional, Itauma's journey to the upper echelons of heavyweight division has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Chatham, UK (May 8, 2024) - Moses Itauma, the formidable 19-year-old British heavyweight sensation, is the embodiment of this narrative—a rising star poised to leave an indelible mark on heavyweight boxing. With an impressive record of 8-0 (6) since turning professional, Itauma's journey to the upper echelons of heavyweight division has been nothing short of extraordinary. Set to grace the ring once again on the momentous Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk undisputed bill in Riyadh on May 18, Itauma's path to glory seems inevitable.

Moses Itauma is looking to break the record for the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

A Legacy in the Making

Itauma's ascent to prominence began long before his professional debut. As an amateur, he distinguished himself on the international stage, securing gold at the Schools, Juniors, and Youth Europeans, culminating in a historic victory at the World Youth Amateur Championship in Spain in November 2022. His dominance as a junior caught the attention of seasoned boxing veterans, who recognized his potential for greatness from an early age.

Former National Performance Coach for England Boxing, John Stubbs, witnessed Itauma's meteoric rise firsthand and offers unique insights into the young prodigy's journey to stardom.

Moses Itauma The Story So Far: The Heavyweight Aged 19 Ready To Smash A Mike Tyson Record - Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions

Technical Brilliance and Power

Stubbs attests to Itauma's exceptional technical prowess and boxing intelligence, noting that despite limited opportunities for competition as a young heavyweight, Itauma's innate talent set him apart from his peers. His ability to absorb new tactics and techniques, coupled with a fierce determination to succeed, underscored his potential for greatness.

Moreover, Itauma's devastating punching power left an indelible impression on Stubbs, who recalls the physical toll of Itauma's punishing blows during training camps and sparring sessions. As a natural right-hander who boxes as a southpaw, Itauma's jab and backhand pack a formidable punch, earning him a reputation as a knockout artist in the making.

Amateur Success

Itauma's undefeated amateur record serves as a testament to his skill and tenacity. Despite facing illness and adversity, Itauma's unwavering determination propelled him to victory after victory, solidifying his status as one of the most promising talents in the sport.

From Schoolboy to Junior to Youth European titles, Itauma's dominance transcended weight classes and age divisions, setting the stage for his inevitable transition to the professional ranks.

The Essence of Itauma

Beyond the ring, Itauma's persona reflects humility, warmth, and unwavering dedication to his craft. Despite his towering presence and formidable skill set, Itauma remains grounded, embodying the values of family, camaraderie, and respect that define the essence of boxing.

As his professional career unfolds, Itauma's trajectory is closely watched by boxing enthusiasts worldwide. With each bout, he inches closer to the world top 30 and his ultimate goal of championship glory, driven by an unyielding desire to etch his name in the annals of boxing history.

Promising Future

As Itauma continues his ascent through the ranks, the prospect of future glory looms large on the horizon. With notable sparring sessions against the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, Itauma's readiness for the big stage is undeniable.

While the pursuit of records and titles remains a driving force in Itauma's journey, his focus remains firmly fixed on the present moment, embracing each challenge with humility and determination. Whether he achieves his goal of breaking Mike Tyson's record and becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history or not, Itauma's legacy as a true ambassador of the sport is already secured.

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