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The Return of Andy Ruiz Jr.

Former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. is set for a highly anticipated return to the ring on August 3rd, facing Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, CA, USA (June 10, 2024) - Former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. is poised to make his much-anticipated return to the ring on August 3rd, facing off against Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. Ruiz, who last fought in September 2022, winning a unanimous decision against Luis Ortiz, has been notably absent from the recent wave of heavyweight action.

Many in the boxing media are looking for answers from Andy Ruiz Jr. - Photo: Sean Michael Ham

A Career of Highs and Lows

Andy Ruiz Jr. burst onto the heavyweight scene with a series of remarkable performances that showcased his potential. His first significant opportunity came in December 2016 when he fought Joseph Parker for the vacant WBO heavyweight title. Both fighters were undefeated, and after a hard-fought 12 rounds, Parker edged out Ruiz with a razor-thin majority decision. Despite the loss, Ruiz earned respect and demonstrated his capabilities as a serious contender.

The defining moment of Ruiz's career arrived in June 2019. Stepping in as a late replacement for Jarrell Miller, who was removed from the card after failing a drug test, Ruiz faced the formidable unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. In a stunning upset, Ruiz defeated Joshua to claim the unified heavyweight titles, etching his name in boxing history.

However, Ruiz's reign was short-lived. In the December 2019 rematch, Ruiz appeared visibly heavier and lacked the discipline and sharpness of his previous performance. Joshua outboxed Ruiz in a lopsided unanimous decision, reclaiming his titles and leaving Ruiz's career in a state of uncertainty.

Recent Performances and Future Prospects

Since his rematch with Joshua, Ruiz has fought twice. In May 2021, he overcame a second-round knockdown to secure a unanimous decision victory over Chris Arreola. Then, in September 2022, he faced Luis Ortiz in a bout where Ortiz outboxed him in several rounds, but Ruiz's three knockdowns proved decisive, earning him another unanimous decision win.

Despite these victories, Ruiz has not looked the same since his win over Joshua. The potential he showed that night has been sporadic, with flashes of brilliance overshadowed by inconsistency and lackluster performances. Ruiz, now 34 years old, has a lot to prove as he steps back into the ring after nearly two years of inactivity.

The Upcoming Bout Against Jarrell Miller

The upcoming fight against Jarrell Miller presents Ruiz with an opportunity to revive his career. Miller, who is coming off a knockout loss to Daniel Dubois last December, provides a chance for Ruiz to re-establish himself higher in the heavyweight rankings. Miller's aggressive style could be the perfect foil for Ruiz to showcase his counter-punching ability and hand speed.

Training with renowned trainers and focusing on conditioning will be crucial for Ruiz as he aims to overcome any potential ring rust and demonstrate his dedication to the sport. A victory over Miller could set the stage for a late-career resurgence, potentially leading to more high-profile fights in the future.

Prediction and Expectations

Given the stakes and Ruiz's history, many expect him to prevail against Miller. Despite some inevitable ring rust, Ruiz's experience and skill should see him through. A win inside the distance, seems a likely outcome. However, the unpredictability of boxing always leaves room for surprises.

As the heavyweight division continues to evolve, all eyes will be on Andy Ruiz Jr. to see if he can reclaim his place among the elite and perhaps embark on a new chapter in his storied career. Whatever the outcome, the bout on August 3rd promises to be a pivotal moment for both Ruiz and the heavyweight landscape.

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