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Jared Anderson Joins SugarHill Stewart

The collaboration between Jared Anderson and Sugar Hill has sparked questions within the boxing community about how it might impact Anderson's fighting style.


Houston, TX, USA (June 10, 2024) - In preparation for his most significant career test to date, Jared Anderson has enlisted the expertise of renowned trainer SugarHill Steward. Anderson is set to face the experienced and formidable Martin Bakole on August 3rd at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, marking a pivotal moment in his professional journey.

Top heavyweight contender Jared Anderson is looking to build on his already impressive resume.

Can Sugar Hill Transform Anderson?

The collaboration between Anderson and SugarHill has raised questions within the boxing community about the potential impact on Anderson's fighting style. Steward, famed for transforming Tyson Fury into a dominant force, is known for emphasizing a mauling style that leverages size and strength. Fury, weighing over 270 pounds, successfully used this approach to wear down opponents like Deontay Wilder, Derek Chisora, and Dillian Whyte.

However, Anderson, who weighs in at just over 240 pounds, might not benefit similarly from this strategy. Critics argue that the mauling technique might not translate effectively for Anderson, who lacks the substantial weight advantage that Fury had. As such, the challenge for Steward will be to adapt his training methods to suit Anderson's unique strengths and weaknesses.

SugarHill Steward brings a wealth of knowledge and success to Jared Anderson.

The Challenge of Martin Bakole

Jared Anderson, an unbeaten contender promoted by Top Rank with a record of 17-0 (15 KOs), faces a tough challenge in Martin Bakole. Bakole, who boasts a record of 20-1 (15 KOs), represents a significant step up in competition for Anderson. Bakole’s experience and skill set pose a genuine threat, making this bout a critical test of Anderson's capabilities and potential.

Top Rank’s decision to pit Anderson against Bakole is strategic, aimed at evaluating Anderson’s readiness to compete at the highest levels of the heavyweight division. Despite his impressive record, Anderson has yet to face a fighter of Bakole's caliber. Previous bouts, including those against Charles Martin and Ryad Merhy, have exposed areas where Anderson needs improvement, particularly in terms of defensive discipline and finishing power.

A Crucial Test for Anderson’s Future

The outcome of the fight against Bakole could have significant implications for Anderson’s career trajectory. Currently ranked #4 by the WBO, #5 by the IBF, and #13 by the WBA, Anderson's position within the heavyweight rankings reflects his potential. However, a loss to Bakole could prompt Top Rank to reconsider their investment in Anderson and potentially shift their focus to other promising heavyweight prospects.

Anderson’s fighting style has drawn some criticism for being overly cautious. This style, coupled with a lackluster performance against Charles Martin, where he narrowly avoided a knockdown in the final moments, has raised doubts about his ability to captivate fans and dominate the division.

The Road Ahead

As the August 3rd bout approaches, the pressure mounts on Anderson to deliver a breakthrough performance. Training under SugarHill Steward, Anderson has the opportunity to refine his skills and perhaps adopt a more aggressive, fan-friendly style. The upcoming bout against Martin Bakole will be a defining moment, providing a clear indication of Anderson's potential to rise to the top of the heavyweight ranks.

Boxing fans and analysts will be watching closely to see how Anderson adapts to his new training regime and whether he can overcome the seasoned Bakole. Success in this fight could propel Anderson closer to super-stardom and a world title shot, while a loss might signal the need for further development and reevaluation of his career path.

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