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Jermaine Franklin Gets TKO Against Devin Vargas

As the bell rang for the main event, both fighters wasted no time feeling each other out. Franklin's probing jabs found their mark early.


Detroit, MI, USA (May 23, 2024) - Jermaine Franklin exchanged fire with a very game Devin Vargas in Detroit and managed to get a sixth round stoppage. Before the fight Dmitry Salita, the promoter behind the event, touted his fighter Jermaine Franklin as one of America's top heavyweights, albeit with a touch of realism. For Devin Vargas, a seasoned Olympian from the class of 2004, this bout loomed as potentially his swan song, considering the trajectory of his career.

Jermaine Franklin got all he could handle from Devin Vargas.

Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, just a stone's throw from Detroit, Franklin stepped into the ring with hometown support whispering tales of his 'close' battle with Dillian Whyte and his commendable showing against the formidable Anthony Joshua. But as the fighters were introduced—Vargas from Toledo, Ohio, and Franklin, the local favorite—the pre-fight narrative painted Franklin as a contender, though some would argue he's perched more on the fringe of contention.

As the bell rang for the main event, both fighters wasted no time feeling each other out. Franklin's probing jabs found their mark early, culminating in a devastating combination that rocked Vargas in the opening round. Undeterred, Vargas pressed forward, showcasing his resilience and firing back with his own salvos, hinting that this could indeed be his last stand.

Round after round, the action intensified, with both men engaging in a gritty display of power punches and strategic exchanges. Franklin, with his weight advantage, attempted to impose his will, but Vargas, showing flashes of his Olympic pedigree, refused to wilt under pressure. Each round unfolded like a mini-drama, with Vargas constantly pushing the pace, even as Franklin landed clean shots and asserted control.

By the fourth round, Franklin's dominance began to take its toll, as Vargas found himself on the canvas after a barrage of blows. Rising to his feet with determination, Vargas continued to trade blows, his relentless spirit evident despite the mounting odds.

As the fight wore on, fatigue crept in, and the sixth round proved to be the climax. Franklin, sensing an opportunity, unleashed a flurry of punches, finally sending Vargas reeling. The Toledo native's corner opted to retire between rounds, conceding victory to Franklin via TKO.

In the aftermath of the battle, Franklin's triumph solidified his status as a steady force in the heavyweight division, while Vargas, though vanquished, departed with his head held high, leaving behind a legacy of courage and resilience in the ring.

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