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Ali Eren Demirezen Preparing for Comeback

In 2022 Demirezen scored three top Heavyweight wins, two of which were over fringe contenders Gerald Washington and Adam Kownacki.


Balıkesir, Turkiye (October 17, 2023) - Ali Eren Demirezen, the Turkish Top Heavyweight Boxer, recently made waves with a statement on his social media. In his announcement, Demirezen declared his return to the ring after a 13-14 month hiatus, and he's setting his sights on the world championship in Balıkesir, Türkiye.

"I have not been in the ring for 13-14 months. It is not a long time. Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali were both off for about 3 years," said Demirezen, displaying his unwavering confidence. "I hope we are coming to destroy the Top Heavyweights, be ready, I am coming back. I am on my way to the world championship in Balıkesir. I'm starting. I'm getting back in the ring again."

Ali Eren Demirezen stands strong for Turkey and it's athletes.

Demirezen's return to the sport is a significant moment, and his ambitions are higher than ever. He aims to prove that his time away from the ring has only made him stronger and more determined to reach the pinnacle of top heavyweight boxing. He firmly believes he has what it takes to capture the world championship and etch his name in boxing history.

But Demirezen's statement went beyond his personal ambitions. He also addressed a topic close to his heart— the lack of recognition and support for Turkish athletes throughout the world. The top 20 Heavyweight decided to take a break from the sport in March due to the perceived lack of adequate rewards for his dedication and hard work.

Ali Eren Demirezen is no stranger to success. Born on April 2, 1990, this Turkish top heavyweight has a notable record both as an amateur and a professional.

In the amateur ranks, he earned a silver medal at the 2013 Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey. However, his journey at the 2013 AIBA World Boxing Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was cut short when he was eliminated in the first round.

Demirezen's ambition and determination were on full display in 2015 when he competed at the European Amateur Boxing Championships in Samokov, Bulgaria. Although he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, he secured a spot at the AIBA World Boxing Championships later that year. Unfortunately, he faced defeat in the quarterfinals in Doha, Qatar, at the hands of England's Joe Joyce.

In 2016, Demirezen's journey led him to the 2016 Summer Olympics after earning a bronze medal at the 2016 European Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament in Samsun, Turkey.

In 2022 Demirezen scored three top Heavyweight wins, two of which were over fringe contenders Gerald Washington and Adam Kownacki.

Now, Ali Eren Demirezen is determined to reignite his professional career and achieve his dream of becoming a world champion. His passion, resilience, and talent are undeniable, and he hopes that his return to the ring will not only inspire Turkish athletes but also capture the hearts of boxing fans worldwide. The world of top heavyweight boxing eagerly awaits his comeback.

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