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Usyk vs Fury: Top Tips to Win Your Bet

The last time an undisputed heavyweight champion was crowned was Lennox Lewis in 1999. History will be made on May 18th in Saudi Arabia.


New York, NY, USA (April 25, 2024) - On May 18th boxing will crown it's first undisputed heavyweight champion of the 21st century. Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk will face Lineal title holder Tyson Fury in what promises to be a tactical battle to determine the best of this generation and decide who rules boxing's premier division.

Bettors from around the World will focused on Fury vs. Usyk on May 18th.

The last time boxing crowned an undisputed heavyweight champion was Lennox Lewis in 1999. Excitement is building as the boxing world focuses on what promises to be a battle of wills and skills.

Included is information about the boxers' physical condition, fighting style, main advantages, and many other useful things to consider. In addition, important wagering tips that will help you calculate your bet correctly.

What to Expect from Usyk and Fury?

The fight was originally scheduled for February 17, and after being postponed, bookmakers began to alter their predictions. Currently, they are given equal chances at 2.01. A draw, as the least likely outcome of the match, is estimated at odds of 19.00.

Before the postponement bets on Fury winning were accepted with odds of 1.56, and bets on Usyk were estimated at odds of 2.50. Gamblers prefer to place their bets at the top paying online casinos offered at CasinoDeps with high payout rates and transparent payment options.

Statistics and Physical Data

Both fighters have solid statistics from their previous professional wins. Usyk has won all of his 21 fights, while Fury is undefeated with only one draw in 35 fights. The British boxer is known as the "Gypsy King" and has earned worldwide recognition in the boxing world mainly due to his win over then lineal and unified champion Vladimir Klitschko. His trilogy with belt-holder Deontay Wilder only served to solidify his position.

Oleksandr Usyk is the first boxer to unify all four major titles in the cruiserweight division. This showdown will be epic given both boxer's deep experience physical skills.

The above table shows that Fury has all the physical advantages over Usyk.

The included table shows that Fury has all the physical advantages over Usyk. The British boxer has 24 wins coming by knockout, meaning his punching power can't be overlooked. The Ukrainian has managed to stop 14 of his opponents. The main advantages of Usyk's fighting style are perhaps the division's highest technical ability, speed, and mobility.

Fury can be described as physically dominant and mobile, which some say counteracts most of Usyk's advantages. In his previous showdowns with Deontay Wilder, Fury proved that he could be an aggressor and sit down on his punches if need be. However, the gypsy king has never faced a boxer as fast and technical as Usyk.

Qualities and Behaviour of Fighters that Influence the Battle

Usyk has the advantage in terms of speed, angles and mobility around the ring, which he's demonstrated in all of his previous fights. However, Fury's arm span is 81.1 inches, while Usyk's is 77.9 inches. This gives the Briton a huge advantage in both close and long-range exchanges.

Fury should be able to keep the Ukrainian at bay with his jabs and right hands, wearing out his opponent in clinches and close quarters. Fury also likes to use rough tactics, such as shoves, to push his opponent away or break free of them.

Since the previously scheduled date was postponed due to a cut over Fury's eye opened during sparring, many experts believe that the injury makes him more vulnerable and there's a high probability that Usyk will take advantage of it.

Usyk's chances of stopping Fury are low, but he can work the body, make him miss, and catch him with quick counters.

What Do Boxing Insiders Think?

Chris Algieri, a former junior welter weight champion, recently shared his opinions on the fight. He believes that Usyk will not be able to withstand Fury because twelve rounds is a very long time when there is a significant difference in weight and height. In addition to him, Mark Tibbs, a well-known trainer, also spoke out and gave his preference to the Gypsy King.

According to him, even though Usyk has defeated top heavyweights, including Anthony Joshua, Daniel Dubois, Michael Hunter and Derek Chisora, Fury will be a step too far. Both experts recognize to the Ukrainian fighter's skills but aren't sure it will be enough given the lineal champion's sheer size.

Tips to Win Your Bet

Fury has a big advantage not only in height but also in weight, but other factors should be taken into account. For example, one good opportunity for Usyk to win is his chance to use quick counterattacks and prevent Fury from resting. Here are some tips to consider when looking at any top heavyweight showdown:

  • Consider statistics such as win-loss record, average fight time, number of knockouts, etc.
  • Go over in detail the boxers' recent fights, injuries, and behaviour in the ring.
  • Look at the fighters' common tactics, strategies in different situations, advantages, and weaknesses. For example, assess how Usyk's speed and manoeuvrability can counteract Fury's size advantage.
  • Follow the latest news related to each fighter. How is their training going? Are there any injuries, and what statements are they saying leading up to the fight?
  • Choose a reliable online casino that offers high payouts and favourable conditions for sports betting.
  • Consider various payment options offered by the gambling platform. Choose a payment method that's convenient for you and has low transaction fees.

Final Thoughts

This fight will not be easy for either Fury or Usyk. After all, one has a significant weight advantage, and the other is famous for his extraordinary speed. Nevertheless, both boxers have impressive statistics and have never been defeated.

The key is to carefully consider their previous fights, measurements, strategies, and tactics. It is also essential to choose a top-quality casino to place your bet.

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