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Frank Sanchez: Rebuilding a Shattered Career

The loss to Agit Kabayel not only stripped Sanchez of his undefeated record but also cast significant doubts over his future near the top of the heavyweight rankings.


Miami, FL, USA (May 22, 2024) - Last Saturday, top heavyweight contender Frank Sanchez was decisively defeated by Agit Kabayel. The loss not only stripped Sanchez of his undefeated record but also cast significant doubts over his future near the top of the heavyweight rankings. As Sanchez and his team assess the aftermath, the question looms: where does Frank Sanchez go from here?

Agit Kabayel controlled every aspect of his showdown with Frank Sanchez.

The Current Landscape

Frank Sanchez's promotional status remains unclear, though he might still be associated with the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) stable. Historically, Sanchez has not been a significant draw on his own, relying largely on his Cuban pedigree and unbeaten record to bolster his profile. Now, both of those attributes have taken a hit, leaving Sanchez out of the top 10  and with limited appeal to high-profile opponents.

The decision to fight Kabayel was a gamble influenced by an inflated payday from the Saudis, a chance that has now backfired. Sanchez's team must now contemplate whether he is willing to accept smaller purses to rebuild his career against less formidable opposition.

Potential Opponents

Rebuilding Sanchez’s career will not be straightforward. Here are some potential opponents and strategies that could help him regain his footing:

  1. Joe Joyce: Despite Joyce’s propensity for getting hit and his slower movement, he is unlikely to consider a fight with Sanchez. Joyce’s deliberate pace contrasts sharply with Sanchez’s hand and foot speed, but Joyce remains focused on higher-profile opponents such as Derek Chisora.
  2. Martin Bakole: Bakole represents a dangerous challenge and is also not a big draw. Additionally, a bout with Bakole would likely lack significant stakes, such as a title belt, making it a high-risk, low-reward proposition for Sanchez.
  3. Jared Anderson: This matchup seems unlikely as Top Rank would not risk their undefeated prospect against Sanchez’s slick style. Anderson is being groomed for bigger opportunities, and a fight with Sanchez would be too risky.
  4. Dillian Whyte: Whyte’s footwork and overall style make this match-up an unattractive option for the Body Snatcher. Whyte is looking for fights that would propel him back into title contention and deliver big paydays.
  5. Luis Ortiz: An all-Cuban showdown with Ortiz could be compelling. It would have a loser-leave-town feel and could generate enough interest, especially if staged in the Miami area. Both fighters would need to agree to modest paydays, and the promotion would have to be meticulously managed to maximize its appeal.
  6. Murat Gassiev: Facing Gassiev in Russia or Armenia could be an option, though it would likely result in a modest payday. Gassiev’s losing performance against Otto Wallin showed vulnerabilities that Sanchez could exploit, yet this remains a less lucrative and less appealing fight.
Frank Sanchez had no answers for Agit Kabayel's assault.

The Reality of Sanchez’s Options

Given the current landscape, Sanchez’s options are limited. He may need to accept fights against lower-level opponents for modest paydays while hoping to climb back up the rankings. This strategy could eventually lead to an eliminator fight for a title, although such opportunities will not match the lucrative Saudi payday he once received.

One potential silver lining for Sanchez is if Kabayel continues to succeed against top-tier competition. Kabayel’s rise would retroactively soften the blow of Sanchez’s loss, making it appear less damaging.


Frank Sanchez faces a challenging road ahead after his loss to Agit Kabayel. The path to redemption will require strategic matchmaking, modest paydays, and a bit of luck. By carefully selecting opponents and rebuilding his profile, Sanchez could once again become a notable contender in the heavyweight division. However, the journey will be arduous, and his ability to navigate this phase of his career will determine whether he can reclaim his status among the very top heavyweights.

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