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Trevor Bryan Retires from Injuries

Trevor Bryan's boxing career has come to an end as the former WBA regular heavyweight title holder has announced his retirement.


Schenectady, NY, USA (June 26, 2024) - Former WBA Regular Heavyweight titleholder Trevor Bryan has recently announced his retirement from boxing, citing severe injuries sustained in his recent bouts as the primary reason for stepping away from the sport.

Trevor Bryan's career was guided by legendary promoter Don King.

Bryan's last fight was a brutal seventh-round knockout loss to Cassius Chaney on November 4, 2023. The knockout was so severe that Bryan required immediate medical attention and was stretchered out of the ring. It was later revealed that he had suffered a herniated disc in his neck, which required emergency surgery​.

This wasn't the first time Bryan faced significant challenges in the ring. His fight against Daniel Dubois in June 2022 also ended in a knockout loss, raising concerns about his long-term health and performance. Despite a promising career start, these back-to-back losses highlighted the toll that boxing had taken on his body.

In a statement, Bryan expressed gratitude to his fans and supporters, but emphasized that his health and future well-being were his top priorities. He acknowledged the risks associated with continuing his career, especially given the neck surgery and the risk of permanent damage if he were to sustain further injuries.

Bryan's retirement marks the end of a career that saw him reach significant heights, including holding the WBA Regular Heavyweight title. However, his recent struggles underscore the brutal nature of the sport and the physical demands placed on athletes at the highest levels.

Bryan's decision to retire is a reminder of the physical and mental challenges faced by boxers and the importance of prioritizing health over career ambitions. As he transitions into retirement, the boxing community wishes him a full and speedy recovery and success with his future goals.

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